what is happening to me?

Hey Everyone,
I have antoher post for everyone opinion to be on.
I will be honest, lately, I have had bad luck or happenings
happen to me. I wanna know is God punishing for me everything happening to me? or what? I met the love of my life not too long ago…and well God just took him away from me for no reason at all. I mean it could be God’s plan …but sometimes I feel like I am doing something wrong all the time…plus I lost my grandpa almost a year ago…and so i wondering …can anyone help me out here???


any support or comments would be helpful!!:frowning:

I am talking only about me,but when I feel as if God have turned a “deaf ear” to me, or has allowed painful things to happen, I read the Book of Job. My problems always seem so petty compared to his.

Just look at all of this as a faith strenghening time in your life and know that God has reasons for all that is happening in your life. Hang in there and find out what God has planned to you. :thumbsup:

I also read Job at times like this. I know it is hard, and you probably feel a little bit helpless, like no matter what you do, bad things will get in the way of you trying to be happy. Trust me on this one, GOD IS NOT PUNISHING YOU. Bad things happen to everyone, even God-fearing people. We all live in a world where both good and bad things can happen to anyone. God *uses (not necessarily causes), *these things to teach us about ourselves and to bring us closer to Him.

As difficult and frustrating as this time is for you, remember that this, too, shall pass, and better days will come. Until then, consider it a blessing to have this opportunity for God to show you how much He loves you and desires for you draw close to Him right now, in hopes that you will continue to share your life with Him when things are going well, too.

God bless you.

See Hebrews12:6 "For who the Lord loveth he chastiseth: and he scourgeth every son whom he receiveth. D-R Bible.

Don’t coaches coach the telanted ones harder? Don’t horse trainers work the promising horses more?

If the Lord is working you hard right now, be assured He loves you.

Bad things happen to little children…surely they are not guilty or deserve punishment, and surely you are as precious to God as a child.

Read Hebrews 12: v5 -11

No disipline seems good at the time. God is treating you as a son.

Thanks, Ya’ll.
I’ll read Job and Hebrews… Sometimes I just dont know if God really cares…but anyways…

:slight_smile: Thanks.

leave more response… i need all i can get.

You are in Monroe. The Bishop came from the little Catholic Church in Monroe. Did you ever get a chance to meet him? He is great. He is one of only 5 or 6 bishops in the nation to deny Holy Eucharist to pro-abortion politicians. He is relatively young and unknown. He can be an inspiration to you.

Monroe is a fairly nice town. I fact, most of us are rich in the USA compared to many parts of the world.

Monroe does have its problems just as all towns do. Get involved in trying to fix them. You can accomplish a lot, and you will get addicted to it.

God chose the exact time and place of your existence. You are here for his reason. Find out what it is and you will have a wonderful life doing it!

I am truly sorry you are having a run of bad luck and I pray for you, but where do you get the idea that God is to blame for your troubles? Perhaps it is time to concentrate on trusting God and believing in Divine Providence, but that does not mean relinquishing responsibility for nurturing relationships, taking care of yourself, making moral choices, and going about the daily basis of living in Christ.

God has a divine plan for all of us. There is a better plan for you if God took him away. I always tell my dating daughters that. Heartbreaks are just a part of what we get when we open up to people. You did nothing wrong and you aren’t being punished. Keep you eyes on God, honor Him in all things and the rest will follow.

I know that when you want to be in a relationship it is hard to wait. Keep yourself busy with meaningful things in life. That can be something different for all people.

When we get hurt we have a tendency to get bitter or to close off. Try not to do that. Pray about it and get some good reading material that is faith based. Keep your spirits up- do things with friends and family that can be comforting. Go to church, and go to church based happenings. Be around others that believe in God.

I will say a prayer for you today. I say a novena all the time for every single person I know that is dating and trying to find the right person to relate to. Many of those are my kids, and kids of friends. By that I mean 20 somethings. I will add you to my list. I believe with prayer all things are possible.

God has not turned a deaf ear to you.

Perhaps this will make you feel better.
My first wife wanted to divorce me about 6 months after we married. Before the divorce was finalized she was already pregnant by one of her college students. This was a girl that went to mass every Sunday and was a full ride scholar in college.

After her I met a very nice girl that I latter found out the she had bipolar disorder. I found this out when I witnessed her first manic phase during our relationship. I am still very good friends with her but she has some things to accomplish in her life before she looks towards relationships.

My next girlfriend was what people commonly refer to as the “one for me.” About 3 months after I started dating her she became ill with what we thought was the flu. Two days later she was in a coma in the hospital, diagnosed with encephalitis. The lord took her home about three weeks later.

I have had a though time with my earthy relationships but it has only strengthened my relationship with God.

They say that the only hell a good Christian will know is here on Earth and the only heaven a disbeliever will know is here on Earth. In the end this is only temporal.

One day we will hear the words, “Good and faithful servant, I have reserved a place for you.” - this is eternal

So whenever you have a bit of bad luck remind yourself that it only lasts but a short while, and that better things are in your future.

You are in my prayers, my friend. Many, many bad things happen to each and every one of us. And some just slide through life with what seems like the perfect life.

I take it like a ‘test’ of trusting in Jesus. He doesn’t make these things happen, but He does allow them. I also look to Him and how He trusted His Father when He was ridiculed, when he was abandonned, when he was misunderstood, when he was tortured, and finally when He was crucified. He Himself said "Eli, Eli, …He also questioned His Father at His lowest moment. What better model to imitate?

I leave you with this…and God bless…



God has a plan for you if you stay close and seek him out. There are sooo many reasons which only God is privy to at this time.

Your love may come back after spiritual growth time, God may have someone better in mind for you, or God is using this time to bring you to your knees and have a deeper trusting relationship with Him.

I know how hard this is to keep in your mind. I use this as my self-talk daily also since I am going through the same with the man I love.

As hard as it is, stay close, get closer and be obedient. God will bring you blessings you can not possible imagine right now.

This is to Fitz…thanks so much for ur input on my thread.
It means a lot that someone actually wants to write something
and help me…


This is to Shibboleth.
Wow. you have gone through so much in your lifetime.
What you have gone through seems like a little bug to my
problems…having someone i love move away…and losing my grandpa plus my aunt within a year…You seem so faithful to God. that is what i should be doing. Thanks for the inspiration!
It truly means the world to me. God has his blessings on you!
I will continue to pray for each of ya’ll and thanks again for writing respsonses in my thread…

God Bless Y’all!

This is to Jrabs…
I dont know exactly what your going through right
now in your life, but I do know that …its gotta be
the same thing… losing the man you love.
I hope that God will continue to bless us each
and I know and hope he has soemthing great
planned for the both of us…

God Bless

Thanks a bunch…
You are in my prayers too

God Bless You!

Thanks everybody for all
the replies. it means so much

God Bless Ya’ll!

Have you tried reading St. John of the Cross’s Dark Night of the Soul?

I heard Father Groeschel say that we are in a time of aridity – dryness in prayer or when we feel abandoned that we are actually praying with greater faith than when we feel a connection to our Lord. I really didn’t want to know that. I truly enjoy the connection I feel to God.

Also, when we face troubles, it is easy for the Enemy to whisper doubts and uncertainty in our soul. Been there, done that. I often pray to St. Michael the Archangel to protect me from the wickedness and snares of the devil. It helps.

Another simple by wonderful faith building trick is to recite the Apostle’s or Nicene creed. I started it becuase of praying the Rosary, but even just saying what you believe is immensely faith building.

Mother Mary would love to help you too. I could write much, but let me say, that Our Lady is very kind and helpful. Sometimes, even when I don’t ask her to pester her Son for me, she will have a wonderful grace granted to me.

Hey Everyone:
wanted to give ya’ll an update
Im finally free of everything i
once thought…its very clear…
im existing b/c God wants me too!!!:dancing:
Thanks for all your help!!!

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