"What Is Heaven Really Like?' Account of the truth we may not know

see http://www.catholic365.com/article/11605/what-is-heaven-really-like.html

Many people have little idea of heaven, this article indicates, a situation it hopes to help dispel.

Jesus never said heaven would be “work.” Work is not life. Jesus describes heaven as a banquet, a big party. Heaven is described elsewhere as “rest.”

We don’t know exactly what Heaven is like and anyone who says they do is selling you something.


We won’t know until (or if) we get there. But I envision a much deeper, richer, more intimate and loving relationship with all the friends and family members I’ve known on earth (assume they get to heaven), and love more perfect and true than any we could experience on earth. That’s because in heaven all the negativity and judgmentalism is absent, and there’s no longer an criticisms or bullying or anything damaging to the soul that we experience in this life. There’s just love of the purest and most unconditional kind. I look forward to that. And I hope to see a LOT of my people there.

I also anticipate meeting ancestors and relatives I never got to know in this life, because I was either unaware of them, or they died before I was born. I anticipate some very welcoming introductions, although I think, when I get to heaven, I shall already be able to recognize them even though I shall be meeting them for the first time.

Again, we don’t really know what we shall experience there or what it will be like for each of us, individually. But that’s part of the wonderful mystery.

I reckon it’ll be like Blue Bayou.
Gonna see my baby again, gonna be with some of my friends

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I envision heaven as being able to see loved ones passed, making new friends, beautiful surroundings, the most delicious food ever, but most of all seeing our Lord and Savior and the saints and people of God from down through the ages whom I have admired.

And hopefully all my dogs that I’ve had down through the years (one is resting with his head on my leg as I write this) will be there, minus their calling card that I have to pick up when we go on walks. :grinning:

I also hope that is where Catholics and other Christians can live in peace and solidarity with no animosity or squabbling.

In Heaven we will see God face to face. Such greatness that I cannot get past that. Anything else seems minuscule to me.

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