What is Hell?


From what I understand Hell is a place of suffering but what it EXACTLY is the Church doesn’t know right? I personaly believe it is a place of complete darkness and lonliness, knowing that God exists and that the individual will NEVER see Him, EVER! But then again some people want nothing to do with Christ or God so why would they care? Perhaps because they are in darkness with NO ONE with them and feel a great depression within their souls that’s just ALWAYS there, forever.

Still I tend to think of it like “How awful, just imagine suffering for days and months with the pain never going away.” But that is TIME consuming and in eternity is NOT time. It’s so mysterious but I NEVER want to find out. Yet I weep for others thinking just what if they end up there? It seems like everyone around me, even those I’m close too just don’t care for God that much. THIS WICKED WORLD STEALS EVERYTHING FROM US. OUR MINDS ABSORB ALL THE GARBAGE ON TV, RADIO, ETC! I just want NO part of the world. NO PART!!

I don’t care where I stand among Christians, whether I would be allowed in the best part of Heaven or the lowest, I just want to SEE and BE with God forever walking with Him and having Him hold my hand. I just want everything to be restored to peace and no more suffering or death, even within the animal kingdom.

I also can’t see Hell as being a LITERAL lake of fire or PHYSICAL torment like someone causing you pain purposely but I could be wrong even there.

God give you peace


As you made reference to I believe hell is total seperation from God for eternity and that seperation is enough to cause a person great pain and suffering. As far as those loved ones who don’t seem to care, pray for them and do not lose faith that they can be saved. Remember that God provides every person with enough grace to be saved.



I do pray for them and perhaps my LACK of belief is that they will never repent. But I understand God works through us. Thanks Matt for the encouragment:)


if you’re alive in “hell” like you say, and able to think for eternity, i dont think that would be a punishment. it would be like having everlasting life or eternal life. some people probably would not mind living and thinking forever. if in “hell” you have a body, i would think all that pain would numb out. if you’re just a spirit being tormented, after a while i’d think you’d be blaze’ about it. then there are some people on earth like pain. i’ve heard they like pain because it makes them feel alive.

who would be tormenting you for eternity if satan is being tormented for eternity also? would the Father being tormenting people forever? would that be a just and fair punishment for one life time’s actions? wasn’t the worst punishment in the OT death? if people are made alive again to go to a “hell”, wouldn’t it be like they are born again?

Jhn 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

i’d think the logical punishment would be to just not exist anymore.


Men have tried to sugarcoat the awesomeness of hell, ever since Jesus and John spoke of it. But it still remains the same, despite all attempts to change it’s meaning. Hell is a place for lost, damned souls, forever and ever. It is a place of darkness and ETERNAL torment, where the fire of God’s wrath never ends. In hell are every wicked and vile soul that has ever lived. The devil and all his angels will be thrown into it’s fire as well someday.

                                   Hell is as real as heaven and should be the place where we plead to God to save us from. Repent of all your sins and be faithful to Christ and the church. I am a Catholic Christian and I STILL tremble before God to spare me from hell. WORK OUT YOUR SALVATION with fear and trembling. For judgment will FIRST begin with the house of God.


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