What is in a name? Holy Father / Vicar of Christ


I understand pope means papa but, there are some names that some people take issue with.

I’m sure you’ve heard it over and over but…

Why is the pope called Holy Father?
Are there varying definitions for “holy”.
Certainly God is holy. But a pope is not holy the same way.

Could we please review the title Vicar of Christ and what that means and what the misunderstanding of that title is.


Well, Vicar of Christ simply means representative of Christ. The pope is Jesus’ representative on earth. That was the significance of the keys he gives to Peter (Matt 16:18). King David does the same thing to his prime minister when he leaves for a while so the prime minister can rule in his place while he is gone (sorry, I forget the Scripture cite for this one).

As for “Holy Father,” check out this exhaustive thread:

Hope that helps!


Got it! Thanks.:wink:
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