What is it called when someone is converted by grace without evangelization?

Consciousness and feelings are hardly the final say in ethics, holiness or dare I say conversion … for some this comes well after the event.

BTW I never heard anyone tell me a story about AL walking on water :rolleyes:.

At that time I would have told you that all the stories I had heard about AL were more inspirational than the one of Jesus walking on water…because I believed them for one and for two saw no point in walking on water…yet understood the point of AL. Believing that Jesus walked on water requires faith…faith in someone who by God’s grace I believe has the words of everlasting life. If someone had told me a story that was showing God’s love or like Corinthians faith hope and love scripture that would have sparked interest. Otherwise, as an agnostic, hearing the story of Jesus walking like water, I was like the disciples in John 6:66 turning away from the things they cannot understand…except I was not even a disciple. My heart was not open enough to accept that story at the time…not until after I converted.

You asked a question, I have answered it … Namely you are mistaken to believe one can be converted to Christianity without historical evangelisation.
There is really nothing more to say if you cannot accept this.

I was :grinning: By Gods grace!

Saint Paul was also converted by a mystical encounter with God, by Gods grace.

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