What is it like to be happy?


I know it’s not possible to be happy all the time, because sometimes really bad things happen, but I wonder how many people truly enjoy living? I don’t. I think I was happier when I was little, but I’m not now and I have never exactly been joyful. I just wonder what it would be like…


From day to day it varies. Overall, the picture would seem rather dull. For what it’s worth i look back on my childhood with great joy, though.

Who was it, Methusala who lived 965 years? A lot of those Patriarchs lived hundreds of years. i would actually be mortified to live that long. There’s not even anything majorly wrong with my life; i have been given so much. The best i can hope for is to make it to Heaven meanwhile staying on this earth offering up all my sufferings. i don’t hate my life - i thank God for everything and try not to take it for granted. On the other hand, i do not love my life so much that i would resist God if He were to call me tomorrow. i would gladly die tomorrow so long as i was not in mortal sin and was given proper Last Rites. Earthly death i do not fear; it’s the Personal Judgment and Purgatory i fear.

That is an important balance to maintain. You have to at least appreciate your life you’ve been given. But do not become so attached to earthly goods that you would not want God to call you tomorrow. That obedience to the Will of God must override your affection for earthly goods. Do not hate your life so much that you are not thankful for what you have been given or wish that God would have never given you life.

Even in the short times we are happy while on earth, you have to be careful because in those moments satan tempts us by playing on our pride. That top-of-the-world feeling can actually be quite devastating to the soul.

Whatever happiness exists in this life, multiply it by infinity to get Heaven.
Whatever sadness exists in this life, multiply it by infinity to get Hell.


As a former atheist (for about 35 years) and former evangelical Protestant (for about 20 years), but now a Benedictine oblate of Catholic Benedictine monastery, my life has been increasingly filled with God’s boundless love regardless of what I might experience or the duration of the storm.

I am ecstatically joyful because I have come closer to God in the Catholic church.

Blessings to all. :slight_smile:


I am between generally happy and neither. Going to church really helps me (cathedrals ESPECIALLY).

“Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.”

If you are extremely unhappy with your life… make the best of it. Help people every day. Make an effort to discern God’s little wishes for what you should do in your day to day life. If your job hurts the world, quit and work somewhere better. Enjoy the little things. Try to regain your the feeling of innocence. Turn off the tv :wink: go outside. Be with friends. Be spontaneous. These things have helped me a lot! And I used to be pretty messed up and unhappy… and yes that was when I was a child. Always look for something better.



I am now 21 and was depressed for most of my life (sometimes very depressed), but now consider myself to be generally happy. To me happiness is not so much a joyful feeling (though they are related) as it is just generally being at peace with everything. I find this peace mainly through God and my girlfriend. To me if someone does not have inner peace, they are not truly happy, as people like that can become depressed quickly and easily. Everyone can feel joy at random spurts, but to feel peace every day is to know real happiness.


Similar story here. I feel like the blind man whose eyes have been opened, and I’m now looking at everything anew and filled with joy. All because of Christ, His Mother and His Church.

By the way, you forgot to put your mark in the poll.


I am generally happy with my life most of the time. Sometimes I am neither and sometimes I am generally unhappy with my life. However, most of the time, I am generally happy with my life. :slight_smile:


Thank you, everyone that replied. You’ve given me a lot to think about.


I like the image of having my eyes opened, yes, that is it — in addition to all the other light from the Church, now fully seeing the light in God’s joy.

The inclusion of Mary was very helpful. She leads not only through sorrow, but into joy.

And thank you for the reminder to vote! :slight_smile:


I said neither because I don’t know what the question means.

Am I satisfied with every aspect of my life? no, I have reasons why I sometimes wish I lived somewhere else in different conditions. I am not satisfied with my spiritual life at present, nor some aspects of my health and they way I am not taking good care of myself. There are certainly things that need to be addressed in how I do my job, my family relationships and so forth.

Am I happy? Yes. And that really has little or nothing to do with the mundane aspects of my life, which is why the question does not speak to me.

I am dealing with a lot of adversity at present, in large and small things, but none of that detracts from my joy, any more than the good things that happen add to my joy. That is because the joy comes from Jesus Christ, and not from anything I do or don’t do, or any of the conditions of my life. It is just something I know, a gift of knowledge from the Holy Spirit, that Jesus loves me and He is with me, and I desire to be with Him now and in all eternity, and that is my goal and hope.

Even when I am struggling through illness and pain to pray, even when family situations are grave, the joy remains and sustains.


My pastor said in a homily recently, “If you’re not happy now, it’s because you’re not holy yet.”



Your answer was exactly why I also picked “neither.” :thumbsup:


I feel the veil lift when viewing certain works of art, or sometimes when I imbibe. I think I need some better antidepressants. Prayer doesn’t have any effect so far.


Interestingly, I voted before reading posts and thought I’d be in an odd category. Strange that two categories on opposite ends of a spectrum run even.

Unhappy - with my spiritual life / state; and life in general. I either cry alot or put up a good front. But happy? Neither spiritually or humanly.


Generally unhappy with glimmers of hope!


“By the waters of Babylon, there we sat down and wept, when we remembered Zion.”*
–Psalm 137 [136]


I voted: Generally Happy.

I believe this is exclusively do to coming home to the Catholic Church. I was away a long time. Now I no longer feel alone nor depressed. I see a future once again. I no longer feel under the spell of a deep Ennui. So basically life is good. Or as Jesse Romero likes to Say on St. Joe’s Radio “Gods Gym” show: I am too blessed to be stressed! :slight_smile:

– Cadian :knight1:


Often I feel unhappy with my life but when I remember God I feel happy again. I think that we should focus on what we do have, not on what we don’t. And we shouldn’t compare our lives to others’ lives.

I think that happiness, like peace, is not the absense of suffering, but the presence of God…

the Saints went through really difficult times but they still had that joy of being with God. We just need to trust Him…

St Padre Pio said,

“Pray, hope, and dont worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayer.”

God bless


I think that to be happy is to feel that you are loved and to love.

Doesn’t have to be a person!


yes, we were made for love :slight_smile: God’s love is the perfect expression of that, and it’s available to us all, to the fullest.

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