What is it like to be Orthodox Christian in America?

I am wondering what is it like to be an Orthodox Christian in America?
I have read some blogs and essentially it appears that many of the things one see’s in the Church and overall Catholic community is the same as in the Orthodox community.

People walking away from their faith saying they now practice true Christianity and that OC/RCC is a works salvation etc.

It is also apparently that Orthodox experience some of the same hazings from some Protestants.

Lastly do some Orthodox feel equal to Catholics as though they are brothers or sisters.

I personally do because aside from some theological differences both Churches have valid apostolic succession, priesthood and sacraments.

Just a reminder please to do not fight with each other or be uncharitable I have seen some debates on here before and on Youtube.

Lately. every time there is a new thread on the subject of Eastern Orthodoxy it must be watched closely because it always seems fall off into uncharitable behavior. I wish our Orthodox brethren here at CAF to feel comfortable posting on the NCR forum.
Threads have been closed and infractions issued in some instances. Which is unfortunate because the threads have been very interesting subjects.
Obviously some debate guidelines must be issued to combat this problem.

These guidelines are the same as CAF’s long-standing religious discussion guidelines and charity guidelines,

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