What is it that caused offense to Muslims?


This thread is for our Muslim members. What specifically about Pope Benedict’s speech offended Muslim sensibilities? I would appreciate someone of the Muslim faith articulating for me what specifically has caused offense.


Well, Pro, we’re all waiting with baited breath…


Pro is not a Muslim and has said so recently. If Pro does become a Muslim (which may God forbid), his/her blood will be on the heads of all of you who insisted that any moderate comments about Islam amounted to Islamic propaganda.

I do hope that someone responds to your challenge, though.



Sorry…I just gotta say it. I tried to not post, but I just can’t resist…

What offended the Muslims…TRUTH! Get’s 'em every time!


If Pro does become a Muslim (which may God forbid), his/her blood will be on the heads of all of you who insisted that any moderate comments about Islam amounted to Islamic propaganda.

We bear no responsibility for pro_universal’s decision to leave the Church. He came to these forums with one foot out the door. When your faith is shaken by dialogue on an internet message board, your faith was weak to non-existent to begin with. That is what we call “Looking for an excuse”.

But again, I am hoping that a Muslim will articulate exactly what was “offensive” about the speech.


Too bad I put pro_jihad on my ignore list since then. It looks like I’ll just have to do without reading his scholarly response. :smiley:


It looks like we don’t have any Muslims around anymore to answer this question.


Well, I don’t see that they were offended by the claim they resort to violence. In fact they are going out of their way to prove that true. They seem upset that their violence was called evil and inhuman.


That’s what I was hoping we would get to, but unfortunately the invited haven’t shown up to the party. :frowning:


OK, I have not posted here in quite sometime so forgive me if this is a poor question, but are there any Muslims that still post here?

Back in my day :wink: there where several, but they began resigning or being suspended and typically refused to answer posts like this. Not that this isn’t a valid question… just saying…

Just curious.

God Bless


Well, I know meedo was posting yesterday. And pro_universal has been around, too. Maybe there aren’t any others anymore.


Thanks Eden.

I pretty much discounted everything meedo said (if this is indeed the same meedo) when he claimed that the events surronding the deaths of the Muslim girls during the school fire in Saudi Arabia was something like a myth propogated by the Western media. I gave him several links to Saudi news agencies that gave the same accounts, but he ignored them. Escapism at it’s finest…

At least with r.gonzales and edris you would get a good debate, eh? :slight_smile: I doubt we’ll see any responce to this question.


Hello George,

No i didnt escape and there is no need to really. If you have noticed you will find that there ar emany lovely threads concenbring Islam so i am a bit busy.

I have replied to Eden in another thread about what i fault about the popes speach . From the amount of threads now attacking islam i dont remember any of them .

But i know one thing. There si no wonder that Muslim posters are leaving.

I dont know how do you guys missionize but it isnt that good.



meedo, on the other hand we won’t try to kill you for disagreeing with us.


The most important response you can give us is to explain what has offended Muslim sensibilities about Pope Benedict’s speech. Are you offended by the fact that the 14th century speaker equated Islam with violence? Or are you offended by the fact that the 14th century speaker called the holy violence of Islam “evil”?

I would think that if the Muslim posters had anything to genuinely be offended about here, we would have had a rise in the number of Muslim posters at catholic.com since the Pope’s speech, not all of them leaving!


Me niether, and so wont my family or my friends.

But yes we have some uneducated and loose murderers and we cant control them.

In bad economic conditions and wars in islamic countries there comes a huge mess were things go out of control. Notice the two countries that had problems after the pope said his remarks is generally two war torn countries. Somalia and palestine. One just barely trying to get out of civil war and warlord fights and the other is under bombaredements and occupation.



But why are Muslims offended that Pope Benedict used a quote from an emperor in the 14th century in an academic seminar that had the larger theme of faith and reason? He used balancing quotes, including one from the Quran that states one must not force religion on anyone. The larger theme of the speech wasn’t even Islam.

Why are Muslims offended by the Pope’s thesis that violence has no place in religion?

And why are they acting violent in response?


The muslim reaction makes no sense, and further to that, the silence here is deafening.


When I wait for a Muslim response, it seems all I can hear are sabers rattling.

Meedo has taken the time to respond and I say “thank you” to that. But where has everyone else gone?


You mentioned sabers rattling, remember?

Seriously. I wish I could understand how things worked in the middle east.

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