What is it that homosexuals really want?

What is it that they want that they don’t already have? Most the marriage benifits are due towards a family. So why do they want family benifits and what exactly do they want?

They want their disordered desires and actions to be mainstreamed, normalized, and approved of.

I think we have to distinguish between demands and desires.

I think we should accept and affirm the homosexual as a member and minority within society. I can think of more than a few people who would like a throwback to the 1980’s when homosexuals were horribly stigmatized and almost no one cared about them.
Thank God we’ve come a long way from that.

I think most homosexuals want to be accepted for who they are. What we should not have to affirm is same-sex marriage and rampant sexual promiscuity. I think people here on CAF have trouble accepting people who identify as gay or lesbian; or are content to just deal with their homosexual identity without therapy.

Here’s the basic principle you have to accept their homosexual orientation. But you don’t have to accept the behavior or agenda.

And I think there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of outreach and pastoral care.

I remind everyone what the Catechism says “They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.”

By refusing to accept a person on the basis of their homosexual identity/orientation is unjust discrimination.

Feel free however to object to homosexual behavior and marriage of course.

…because they know deep down it’s wrong, so they need their wrongs to be accepted so they can feel secure. (their actions and behaviours are wrong, not the same-sex attraction which cannot be helped)

We have to make it clear though, that we are not talking about the good honest man (woman) who struggles with SSA and who immerses himself in the glory of the Faith, rather the “proud out, I can do whatever I want” type.

Only took two replies for someone to bring the notion of “SSA” into the mix. That was quick. Nevermind that the term is nowhere in the Catechism and the term doesn’t exist outside of CAF circles.

That’s there basic “equality equation”, but they want more…


It’s the homosexual version of the concept of concupiscence :wink:

What are you talking about? Have you never read paragraph 2358?
“…men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies …”

Or maybe you not understand that this is identical to saying “those with SSA.” Of course, this is different than talking about people who perform homosexual actions. See the difference?

actually you are expressing an erroneous opinion and interpretation. the statement “they must be accepted, etc” refers to the PERSON, not the identity or the inclination or the sin. the person. you are embracing the error that the disorder equals the person.

Short, sweet, accurate.

They want the right to marry their partner.

Maybe they want to have their families recognized and gain the same benefits according to heterosexual families.

to be accepted and loved as any sinner is in the community…though I don’t know what they want since I am not one and therefore be wrong to put my judgement of what they want.
Stop putting labels on people and start loving each other as Jesus has taught us to do. :slight_smile:

Most of them would probably be content to just not be bothered.

If I posed the question “What exactly is it that Catholics want?” I would get many different answers and there would be a lot of disagreement on the thread. It would be even more diverse if I asked that to Catholics nationwide instead of just on CAF. Like Catholics, gay people are individuals with their own opinions, wants, needs, hopes, dreams, desires and thoughts. The people who responded with things like “power” or “validation” are just plain guilty of dehumanization.

You mean the homosexuals that drive the gay ‘marriage’ movement? I guess they want to normalise their relationships and make them equal to marriage.

Those who are not ideologically driven? Sex, I guess. That is the basis of their identity as far as I can tell. :shrug:

However this thread is not about that, so my friend, feel free to start one on that.

I don’t mean to be mean or uncharitable, but it is essential we stay on topic.

I quite agree with your impulse. I would add, however, that loving someone (as Jesus taught us means loving them to heaven. If the act is offensive to God and potentially damaging to one’s immortal soul, then shouldn’t we, as followers of Christ do everything (in a charitable manner) to get them to heaven?

Somtimes, this is the hard road. It is easy to confirm someone steeped in sin in the interest of feeling good about ourselves because of our openmindedness, but I challenge you…is that real love? Is that the love of Christ?

Just to be clear, I do not advocate judging or condemning anyone. I, too am a sinner who needs the support of my fellow Christians to work out my salvation. I think that is one reason God made us social beings…

I think that it must vary among homosexuals, but I think they just want to be normal. They want to have a wedding, wear wedding rings, go on a honeymoon, and form a bond for life. Many of them probably want children as well, to be members of the PTA and to volunteer as chaperons at the prom when their kids are in high school. They can already do all of these things - but without societal approval or more importantly, government approval. This is what I believe they want - equality. They just don’t see the things they do as sin.

That was on topic! They all want different things, because they are individuals, just like anyone. They are far more than their sexual identity, as many tend to forget.

My answer to the question is that they all want different things. My answer in not off topic just because I refused to throw out a nasty generalization.

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