"What is love" by Haddaway appreciation

That song is probably like my favorite english language song and it has a pretty memorable music video.It would nice if there were more songs that use a question like this one.I can never seem to get tired of this song(I mean the original version).A few of Haddaway’s other songs are’nt to bad but it’s just so awesome how he uses a question in a song.What INSPIRED the people whether Haddaway,directors or others to do it with the vampires and the castle though?.Does anyone know and/or have a link explaining why they did it like that?.Even though the lyrics seem to be about a guy trying not get rejected and/or have his feelings hurt by a girl he’s in love with it only vaguely be construed to have anything with vampires (maybe if you think of the “dont hurt me” part referring to vampire bites,“no other lover” to vampirism and “me and you forever” to vampiric immortality).I think it has to do with the guy being afraid of being emotionally “sucked up” by a girl.Does anyone what gave them the idea to do the vampires in a castle thing and/or if there any “behind the scenes” stuff about that.I’d really appreciate any responses on this.

I have no information for you; I just wanted to post and say that I’m thrilled this thread exists.

Haddaway’s is a classic. It still plays on the radio. His song is on my playlist.

Great song.

Four words; Night at the Roxbury

And here’s the video youtube.com/watch?v=Noq_oR1a0gs

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