What is meant by dispair

Tonight I was praying for something and I kept praying but i sort of begged God, I had hope he would help me and the situation was resovled I never stoped loving God. But i was wondering what the mortal sin of dispair was. Also If the thought of “Suicide” and I put it in quotes becuase It poped in my head but I would NEVER Consider it . was that a sin . Worried about not being able to receive tommorow. Maybe I am just scrupolous. Not sure.

Never gave that thought a chance after I realized it had popped it and i ended my prayer with Lord Let your will be done.

It sounds like you rejected the thought, immediately, which is about all we can do. Didn’t sound like a sin.

“Despair”, to me is “to lose hope”, “give up”, “lose faith in God”.

I hope these thoughts for you aren’t too frequent. If they are, might be good to talk to a counselor is see about the possibility of getting an antidepressant, (even if it’s only temporary) or look for ways to change whatever it is that is the stressor here, to lessen it, if possible.

Depression has been known to also accompany other things…probably most mental illnesses…OCD, whatever. They go together, which is why it’s best to talk to an expert to see what’s really underlying the depression. Depression can be alone or be sort of like a symptom of other things.

Depression often can even have a hereditary component, run in families, be genetic. So, although suicidal ideations can be sinful, there can be illnesses which push a person in that direction. If that’s the case, that’s where things need to start, the depression, which can often have a physical cause.

There are people, say, even going through menopause, for example, might go into depression. There are a bunch of reasons. I had a thyroid hormone deficiency for years before I realized it! That, alone, can cause depression.

Lack of light also doesn’t help.

Circumstances can affect depression, but if suicidal thoughts keep popping up, I hope you would consider mentioning that to a doctor or counselor.

Depression is not a sin. Despair is a sin.

Modern Catholic Dictionary:

DESPAIR. The sin by which a person gives up all hope of salvation or of the means necessary to reach heaven. It is therefore not mere anxiety about the future or fear that one may be lost. It is rather a deliberate yielding to the idea that human nature cannot co-operate with God’s grace, or that the despairing person is too wicked to be saved, or that God has cast one away. It is a grave crime against God’s goodness. Experience also shows that a tendency to despair can seriously injure one’s physical and mental health, and ironically can lead to all kinds of sinful indulgence. (Etym. Latin de, the opposite of + sperare, to hope: desperatio, hopelessness, despair.)

Catechism of the Catholic Church:

CCC 2091 The first commandment is also concerned with sins against hope, namely, despair and presumption:
By despair, man ceases to hope for his personal salvation from God, for help in attaining it or for the forgiveness of his sins. Despair is contrary to God’s goodness, to his justice - for the Lord is faithful to his promises - and to his mercy.

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