What is meant by Family Mass


My Church offers 3 diffrent masses for Christmas 5 PM is Childrens Mass 7 Pm is Family Mass and Midnight is Midnight mass . There is also a Spanish Mass Christmas Eve A english mass Christmas Day and a Spanish Mass Christmas Day. This year I am working on Christmas Eve Till 5 pm. so I was Planning on going to the 7 pm mass, i am single and my family is not catholic and will be out of town that evening, Is the Family Mass only for Familys or what if anything makes it different. I know the childrens mass at 5 will be packed and is the childrens pagent so I try to steer clear of that one.


At my parish one of the three Sunday morning Masses is unofficially called a “family Mass” in that the homilies tend to be directed toward families. Anyone may attend, of course.


It sounds like they’re simply reacting to the fact that there will be lots of families with children at that Mass, but that there’s not a ‘pageant’ or anything of the sort. You could always call the parish and ask if there are any other activities that are planned for that Mass… :shrug:


Family mass I think is that it means that it will be directly towards children in the homily.

So, unless you are looking for a REALLY simple message, other masses might be more suitable.

I, too, don’t have the patience for a children’s mass. I talked, once, to a priest, and he said most parishioners don’t have the patience, that most will avoid it. He even actually gave me actual numbers, stats, on what percentage of parishioners will avoid this mass, and it was surprisingly high.

Although, it’s because it’s like watching TV. I also avoid children’s programs, preferring adult programs, since I’m an adult. However, I know some who LOVE children who might even prefer a children’s mass. Each to his own.

If one has children, though, that would be EXCELLENT!


Notice that the OP mentioned that an earlier Mass was the childrens’ Mass, but the one he’s asking about is being publicized as a family Mass. :wink:


In our local parishes, a “Family Mass” is not just for families; it’s just when mostly families attend. Just as adults may attend the “Children’s Mass” if they so choose, I’d assume anyone can attend the “Family Mass,” as well.

I’d suspect that it’s called a “Family Mass” because many families will be attending at that time–probably those with older children and/or teens, who didn’t want to attend the “Children’s Mass” for young children. As someone mentioned, the homily may be directed more at parents or families in particular.

If you wanted to know for sure, I’d suggest calling the Church Office and asking. :slight_smile:


Oh, then not sure then what the difference would be.


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