What is meant when one says that God is Love, Hope, Justice etc...?


Does it mean that the emotion itself is an extension as God? As in, when one feels Love, one is feeling God? That when hope is felt, God is felt? An explanation of this would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t think of Love, Hope and Justice as feelings. Hope is a verb: I hope. I choose to hope. I choose to love.
Love and hope are also a nouns. Love and Hope fill my heart when I hear our Holy Father speak of Justice.

Justice is a noun. I choose to love justice. I hope that justice will prevail.

Feeling hopeful or feeling loved are somewhat different.

I can’t speak for others in regard to “feeling” the presence of God. In my own experience, I can’t say that I have “felt” God. It would be quite impossible for me to describe my communion with God as a “feeling” but I really don’t know of a different word to describe what God means to me.


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