What is most relevant to the masses?

Is it:

Social Ethics

Whatever you believe the answer is, what do you think your religion has to offer to them concerning it?

I think they all tied together and cannot be cleanly separated. Your theology, what you believe about God as creator (if you believe in a creator or a God), determines what you believe about anthropology (man’s place in the world). It influences whether you are an autonomous creature answering only to yourself, or a heteronomous creature, dependent upon God’s will, and in submission to him. This in turn determines your views of morality and ethics and how you relate to your neighbor and your vocation. Your theology and anthropology also influences what you believe is the proper role of government and authority, whether that government is beholden to itself, its constituents, or to God. All of these things flow from one’s theology.

What are “the masses:”?

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People want money in their pockets

I thought you meant Masses, but maybe you mean masses of people?

What’s most important to masses of people is that they get a lot of “likes” on their social media posts.

Masses of people.

And what does your religion have to offer them regarding these things? :joy::wink:

Thou shalt not steal

That’s a matter of ethics, isn’t it?



Yes it is.
But don’t we agree that ethics comes to us from God and is revealed in religion? (Or at least religion is one of the ways it’s revealed?)

The point of this thread’s question is what aspect of religion would be most relevant to the masses.

In that case I would say “being soothed”

Catholic Answers Forum, for one

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That there is a power bigger than us. No matter what we do, no matter what we feel, accomplish, fear, cherish, obtain…there is a power bigger, more universal, and more omnipotent than anything we will ever experience in our lives. Vanity of vanity, all is vanity.

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