What is my calling in life


How do I know what my calling is? While my religious life right now isn’t where I wish it could be because I’m still fighting so many issues I do want to know how do I know what God wants me to be. I’ve always had a small little voice in back of my head to try the nun life but I never truly brought myself to do it. I have always wanted to be a nurse my dream was always to help people around the world idk what I was going to be but I knew I wanted to help people around th world. Now I’m 24 and soon by the grace of God I’ll be a vocational nurse and studying for a bachelors in nursing. I’ve decided to remain a virgin because I have always one day want to get married and we’ll follow what God has wanted me to follow when it comes to dating. But sometimes I wonder am I doing the right thing what is it God wants me to be in this life because of right now I don’t feel happy, I have so many things to overcome addictions to fight, and in the end all I want is to be happy and following what Gods want me to do but sometimes I don’t even know if I’m doing it right


God unfolds the guidance as much as we need at a time. You getting yourself a nice profession and having the ambition to stay chaste is exactly that!

At 24, many worlds are your oyster. Don’t be nervous of painting yourself into corners when you aren’t doing so.

About addiction, in my limited observation you need something wholesome (and not too expensive) to fill any void with - if it is visual, use non-unwholesome pictures for example.

Keep others company and find wholesome others to keep you company.

If you need to exercise your mind or body, is there an old favourite pursuit from your younger days that you have felt too rushed off your feet to continue somewhere in the meantime?


Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance, direction, strength, fortitude & wisdom in your discernment.


We are mentoring a young teacher who also aspires a vocation as a nun. Happiness may be elusive in this earthly realm, our happiness should be knowing we are a living example of Christ to others. You can do that with or without a vocation.

Have you researched monasteries, convents, cloisters, etc.? The young lady we know has chosen one and is being guided and mentored, though while still being employed in her teaching profession.

I wish you well, dear one.


While at 24 you are certainly an adult, you haven’t been living as an adult long enough to grow in this phase of life. Maturity starts only after 30 - the age at which Our Lord began His public mission - and starts bearing fruit after 40, give or take. So, if this is of any help, don’t pressure yourself to make definitive decisions at the moment. You have much to grow and, in due time, may come to see more clearly what God calls you to. You are definitely treading on the narrow path and bearing towards the light. So, take one day at a time, one year at a time, trusting that God will guide you closer to Him by serving His Kingdom starting in this life.

Pax Christi



Sorry to hear that you’re going through a tough time right now. I’d like to suggest the following videos to you which I think might help. The first two are by a priest named Fr. Mike Schmitz. He works with college students and explains the topics of vocation and God’s will in manner that is easy to understand.

What’s My Vocation?

What Does God Want Me to Do?

Also, there’s a very interesting and humorous vocation story by Fr. Joshua Waltz that I think you should watch. His story involves not only meeting the Pope in high school but also a real life encounter with St. Michael the Archangel. He also goes on to explain the pagan life he once lived (which was full of partying), to hearing God’s voice and thereafter surrendering to God’s will and becoming a priest. Trust me, you won’t regret watching this video. :wink:

I just want to highlight one thing that he says at the end of his story: That God will get His way in your life if you don’t stop doing two things: 1- Going to Sunday Mass and 2- Going to confession and doing both with a heart that desires Jesus.

I hope you enjoy the videos. Jesus loves you,



Happiness is overrated. There are times in life when we struggle -offer up your struggles for those in need.

There are times when we are lonely- use that time for self-reflection and prayer.

There are times when we feel confused- keep moving forward and pray that you will always do God’s will.

Not to sound harsh, but life has lots of ups and downs. I don’t even think in terms of happiness. I strive for peace through Jesus and doing God’s will.


Sorry Jazz,but i don’t agree with this advice if you want to serve God . The world is not your oyster. You can’t serve two masters. God is not hiding His will for you, but He needs for you to seek Him first. Once you know Him, then having his will is not hard, in fact every good thing in life is just a by product of knowing God. Start to believe this verse “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and THEN all these things will be added unto you.” Most Christians don’t really believe this. They seek the things of the world first. You will find the key to the kingdom in God’s word. It is also a key to your life. Is this making sense?

I just wrote a longer post to Yearning 4Truth in the same forum. Many are confused about life vocations. It need not be so. We just don’t understand the way. As an Example, Moses had the right idea or feeling about what God wanted Him to do, but he didn’t know God’s way or His timing and he messed up and then 40 years later he had a “burning bush” experience through which he began to know God and then things changed. We also need a “burning bush” experience so we can know God personally for ourselves. This is were the real work is. It is not just believing something, although that it important, but it takes time and dedication. That is a sacrifice that pleases God when you give time to Him. Please see the story of Mary and Martha in the Gospels. Most of us are like Martha, when we need to be like Mary. I believe that most Christians miss God’s plan for their lives because they are too busy doing good things. Just get to know your saviour. That is the first step. You will need much help and coaching to get going. Just going to church won’t do it. You really need to be with people who know God and are overflowing with good things that God is working in their lives every day and are going “from glory to glory”,and operating in their gift. I actually know of only a few bible colleges that concentrate on knowing God! But that is the main thing.

God has a great plan for you. Please don’t give up.



I’m discerning the permanent diaconate and one of the things that we keep reading and hearing is that all vocations are equal to God. None is better than the other.

Don’t stress over it and don’t fear that God will be mad if you choose one vocation over the other. God loves who we are and what we are and I have been told that He is okay with whatever vocation we follow.

One of the things you may want to consider, which might help you with some of these questions that you have, is to find a Spiritual Director who will help you discern some of these things that you bring up.

My prayers are with you and know that God is smiling over you as He created you in His image and He loves you dearly.

God bless,



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