What is my Confirmation name?

Years ago, I put a lot of thought into choosing my Confirmation name and the saint that I liked. However, the priest that confirmed me never asked me about the name (and I guess I forgot to tell him or I got confused - I am not sure), and he automatically used my Baptismal name when he confirmed me. Is my Confirmation name the name that I chose at the time for this sacrament, or the name that the priest actually used? I have always thought of both names as my Confirmation names, and I pray to both saints as my patrons. Is that OK?

Confirmation names are a cultural and social tradition, they do not have any ontological reality to them. The idea behind a confirmation name is to encourage those to be confirmed to learn about the saints and the importance of the communion of saints. Picking a saint for a personal devotion is a wonderful tradition and spiritual exercise. However, the point of confirmation is that you are confirmed. What name the priest used, or if he omitted a name altogether, is ultimately irrelevant to the grace of the sacrament.
So whatever saint you have chosen can be considered your “confirmation name” but more important than the name is that you continue the devotion to that saint. You most certainly can pray to the saints of your baptismal and confirmation names as well as any other saint you feel a spiritual connection with.

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