What is my guardian angel supposed to do?


What is my guardian angel supposed to do?


Your Guardian Angel protects you and helps you follow the Lord.
Beyond this I’m not sure if the Catholic Church has any official writings about GA’s.


Warn, protect, encourage, remind, etc … in a general sense.

As to specifics … I’d guess you can make specific requests of your guardian ministering spirit – who can deliver these extra needs.


**The Church does have a special feastday for Guardian Angels on October 2.

The origin of the concept for Christians is scriptural. In Matthew 18:10 Jesus says of children: “See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.” This is often understood to mean that children are protected by guardian angels.

In Acts 12:12-15, there is another allusion to the belief that a specific angel is assigned to protect each individual. After Peter had been escorted out of prison by an angel, he went to the home of ‘Mary the mother of John, also called Mark’. The servant girl, Rhoda, recognized his voice and ran back to tell the group that Peter was there. However the group replied, “It must be his angel.”’

The purpose of a “guardian” angel is for spiritual protection.**


mine must be laughing too hard to do her duties


But isn’t that the role of the Holy Spirit?


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For what it is worth, I do believe in everyone having an angel. Jesus said so.

My daughter had an experience when she stumbled and fell off a high pier with rocks below. It would have meant her certain death. All she thought was O God! No… Something unseen gave her a tremendous shove on her chest causing her to be go backwards to the dock and land in a pile. What pushed her? She believes, and so do I, it was her Guardian Angel.

I have never had anything like that, even remotely, happen to me like that and do not know of anyone who has. However things like that are usually kept very private. One doesn’t want to be considered somehow mental.



If it wasn’t for Holy Spirit you wouldn’t have one.


Exactly …

Angels are sexless, ministering spirits which are either Holy or satanic.

Better to associate/avail ourselves with the Holy ones … via the H.S — than ones satan offers us.


So atheists don’t have guardian angels?


Good question. If one thinks about it, as a Christian, either God gives a guardian angel to everyone on the earth, or He gives us a guardian angel at our baptism. Hmmm…good question :hmmm:


No … they end up with the temptor demons – by default.


No where in scripture do I see guardian angels are for one specific group.

“See that you despise not one of these little ones: for I say to you, that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.” -Matt. 18:10

That doesn’t say just the Jewish children, or the Christians (don’t think that term had made it yet but I will stand corrected if so) or the Muslims or whatever group. It says little ones. Children. That is all inclusive of all human kind.



But peary said,

If it wasn’t for Holy Spirit you wouldn’t have one.”

And BRB said,

No … they end up with the temptor demons – by default.

So what is it?


In the final analysis, trust the Church. :slight_smile:


Almighty God assigns a guardian angel to each soul that is born on Earth. Everyone. Atheists included. Just because they don’t believe in God doesn’t mean God doesn’t believe in them. Sadly, I would argue that the guardian angel goes unheard. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t there for atheists, or whoever.

My mother’s spiritual advisor is also kinda like a visionary. He is plagued by visions. He once told me how whenever he walks into a room, say a restaurant, he sees all the guardian angels all around. He says they are the most beautiful things he’s ever seen. He said that they are always on your right side. I attended Mass once with his family. I caught him glancing once at the ceiling. After mass, I asked him about it. He told me that he saw all the angels, but they weren’t paying attention to their assignee; they were participating in the Mass, especially at the consecration. Man, I wished I could see what he was seeing. I was jealous of that gift.

He taught me to, whenever I walk into a room, make a small bow and say, “Peace of Christ be with you all.” I try to do it, but I forget to do it regularly.

Dominus vobsicum


OK …lets look at some early Christian writings on this:

"There are two angels in man, one of righeousness and one of wickedness … The angel of righteousness is mild and modest and meek and gentle. When, therefore, he comes into your heart he immediately speaks with you of righteousness, of purity, of holiness, of self-control, of every righteous deed and of all glorious virtue. When all these things come into your heart, know that the angel of righteousness is with you. Therefore, believe him and his works. Now see also the works of the angel of wickedness. He is, first of all, bitter and angry and foolish and his deeds are evil and cast down the servants of God. Whenever therefore he comes into your heart know him from his works.


“For when these spirits dwell in one vessel, where also the Holy Spirit dwells, there is no room in that vessel, but it is overcrowded. Therefore the tender Spirit, which is not accustomed to dwell with an evil spirit or with hardness, departs from such a man and seeks to dwell with gentleness and quietness. When, therefore, it is departed from the man in whom it dwelt, that man becomes destitute of righteous Spirit and afterwards is filled with the evil spirits, and is disorderly in all his actions, …”

so says the Shepherd of Hermas … Held in high regard in Christian antiquity by Irenaeus, Tertullian, and Origen. The Shepherd was also included in the Muratorian Fragment, and per Origen — was read in some Churches.


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