What is my responsibility?

If I know that my priest performed a wedding outside the laws of our diocese, what is my responsibility? I spoke with Father about this and he said he couldn’t perform the wedding without a dispensation from the Bishop. After the wedding was over, the groom told me that they weren’t granted the dispensation. Do I have any responsibility to report this to the Diocese?? What will happen to Father, he is in the US on visa and is our tiny chapel’s only priest?

I would leave it lie-unless the starts doing this a lot.

Why don’t you ask the priest about it? That would be the fair thing to do-- ask him first.

If he really did such a thing, it’s bad for your parish and parishioners that could be led astray-- so I would probably report it to the diocese. Better to have no priest in residence than one who will go against the Church’s teachings.

If the priest did it once and got away with it—he could do it again. I suggest–to ask you question-- in the Ask the Apologist forum.

I have a question related to the OP’s question. If the priest officiated at the wedding without the dispensation needed----Would the marriage be valid?

I don’t think it would be. The fact that a dispensation is necessary basically says that without it, it is not valid. that is the reason for needing the dispensation.

Well that would depend on what the Dispensation was for.

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