What is my status with the church?

I was married in the church, my wife was of the Episcopal faith. We divorced after she left saying she still loved someone else. Then in my infinite wisdom I married another woman outside the church about 5 years later. After 4 years of marriage she also left and we divorced. All of this happened over 20 years ago and I did not apply for an annulment from the first marriage. I have been away from the church for a very long time and am trying to fill that void but I am not sure of my status with the church as far as the sacraments. Any help would be appreciated.:confused:

The Church still considers you married to your first wife until you receive for an annulment for that marriage. You are no longer considered in an “irregular marriage” from your civil marriage because of the divorce. All you would need to do is go to confession and you are free to receive the sacraments.

God bless!

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