What is Neocatechumenate?

I had never heard of this until a few days ago in the “Traditional Catholicism” section. I assumed it was some kind of liberal Catholic group until I saw a conservative priest make mention of it. His comment was neutral, he told how a woman who had returned to the faith was part of this Neocatechumenal group but that was a passing remark in her story.

So anyone who knows the details please fill me in…

Yeah… I want to know too

I don’t know much about it, but in the mean time, I’ll be checking out Wikipedia:

Just from the word itself, it almost sounds like new catechism or something.

But I’m known to be wrong, l lot.:wink:

Ok, so it’s basically Catholic Continuing Adult Education. Like the Evangelical/Protestant Adult Sunday School Class. Is that everyone else’s take on it?

That’s what I gathered too (I had never really read about it before.) In theory, it sounds really good. In practice it looks like it depends on how the bishop implements it in his diocese.

Everything I have heard/read regarding it is too the contrary- that it is very odd and some of the practices are not licit.

On the other hand, here are some articles:

That seems to always be the fly in the ointment, doesn’t it?

The Neocatechumenal Way is a Cult whose objective is to undermine the Church from within. There is one authority for the Neocatechumenals --and that is Kiko Arguello (the founder). The following thread has information concerning this cult.


Then why all the reference to Vatican approval?

The Neocatechumenals have been able to deceive the hierarchy. What they show is the surface–but what is within is not Catholic. What the Neocatechumenals are doing to the Church–is comparable to what more than likely happened during the Arian heresy.

I am catholic and trust pope John 2nd desicions, he was guided by the Holy Spirit, I dont believe he would have aproved a "cult"
In the first times of the church, was necessary to acept and love Jesus, ( called Kerygma) the announment of the Lord !!
Jesus is alive, ! that was the predication of the apostles,
then the person was baptized ( for adults) no the other way around, of course babies were also baptized when parents wished.
This is what is done in Neocatechumenate.
Person has to know , love Jesus and acept Him as Lord and Saviour, no matter if the person has already baptized ( mostly all catholics, we are baptized when babies )
It is a re-discover
Then they received the Holy Spirit …
Its almost like the charismatic movement here in Mexico
They fight for the conversion of adults in order to love Jesus and love His Church…
First love to the Lord, then Apologetics to love the Church
I believe is a very smart way to evangelize
becuase who might have interest in the church if theres no love for Jesus first?
I think this is one of the reason many catholics leave the church… they say : now Jesus is my Lord and my Saviour !.. the point is … as catholics we also believe in this…and besides we are in the Church that Jesus built :wink:

As I said before—the Neocatechumenals have deceived many.

Are you telling he has deceived the Holy Spirit ?? :eek:
he had the aprobation of pope John the second
now Kiko Arguello has been with the pope Benedict :thumbsup:
Do you consider is bad what they teach ::::to help people consider Jesus as Lord and Saviour ??

The protestants also teach that.

of course !
many of them also believe in the Trinity and so on
We do have some things in common with our separate brothers
that does not make our catholic beliefs a fake :stuck_out_tongue:

It does not make our Catholic beliefs a fake–but the protestants are not Catholic and neither are the Neocatechumenals.

I don’t know about “cult” (I rather DOUBT that Benedict XVI would tolerate that and in addition to being the current pope, he was the prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith under the old Holy Father). The Neocatechumate has, however, been called to task or at least called upon to rectify certain liturgical practices that were not in line with the Church’s discipline. I’ve heard they have complied, but then I’ve heard they haven’t. The Pope has talked about the importance of lay associations in the Church. I’m willing to wait and allow him to declare their status.

Yes they are catholics !
fortunately :wink:

In their brain washed minds—they believe they are the true catholics.

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