What is one thing you are going to do for your marriage today?


In looking through a lot of the threads about marriage and taking some time to think about my own marriage, a thought came to me about breaking the routine of a marriage. All too often we fall into our daily/weekly routines in marriages and we forget about the little things that we used to do for our spouse. The simple kiss or hug. The brief note of affection or gratitude. Something that seems so "off the beaten path" your spouse will give you that look (and maybe even ask) 'what has gotten in to you?'

So here is a way that we can "break the routine" and step outside ourselves to do something above and beyond for our spouse today (maybe even every day) that we would normally not do. This is a chance to actually make a conscious effort (even a reminder) to do that. Maybe it is your lunch hour and you can run to get some flowers. Maybe it is a simple text message or email with a compliment. You know what it is for you that you can do for your spouse.

This is an opportunity as well to share those ideas so that others can take full advantage of doing something special for their spouse. Many times we do not think about it or cannot come up with something other than getting flowers, but I have seen many a post about spouses and the little things that they do for each other, and think "if only I could remember to do that!"

Time for that reminder.


I wrote my husband a love letter, a love email actually, while my morning coffee was brewing this morning.:D


I'm gonna wait for my husband to do something for me :D)


going to a bday party tonight that I don't want to go to (with the kids) to make DH happy.


We're going to dinner tonite...that's important to her.


I bought my husband his favorite iced tea at the grocery store today. They almost never have the one he likes, and it was on sale! :thumbsup:


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