What is Ordo Templi orientalis??

I was on another message board about the sims 2 (a video game I pay) in an off topic sectiomn. The Person asked “Have you ever experienced a supernatural or occult event?” Somebody said "Im a member of the Ordo Templi Orientalis or something like that. I replied and said “Aren’t they a fraternal organization? Wasnt that evil man Alesiter Crowley a memeber? He is probably in my opinion the second most evil person next to Hitler. They are very scary and seem rather dangeruous”

She SNAPPED!!! She said “You **** how dare you ****ing mention ****ing Hitler to me you evil *****! Aleister Crowley was not an evil man. he was the most enlightened person EVER to exist! Even moreso than YOU you ungrateful beast! You are Satan! You probably would take all of us and put us in a gas chamber if you ahd the chance. You maggot-infested peice of bile. Dont you DARE impose your beleifs on me! Dont you even try it you ****! You are pathetic. YOUR RELIGION IS A CULT. Your “God” wont dare to pass judgement on ME! You horrible monster! You MAGGOT!” And she just went ON and On and On and she sent me 15 private messages telling me to leave her alone and how evil I am.
What are they? apparently they are pretty secretive and are misunderstood or something because of how upset she got. I think she stated she was Jewish or something and mentioning Hitler was what got her going, but anyways… what are they?

Well to put it bluntly it is satanic. They celebrate satanic rites. and have satanist views there motto is “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” They disquise there “rites” in an attractive mystical mumbojumbo with an egyptian look.

If you read the Early Church Fathers and their defense of the faith against heresy and look at our modern heresies you will be able to see that they are one in the same. These new ones may look new but they are actually old because they have been done before. The new ones just have new clothes but under it all they want the same thing. To confuse to make you turn and reject your true faith and ultimatley to despair.

Here you can see an example of their blasphemy oto-usa.org/l15.html Here you will see the mimicking by these satanists of the Mass.

The best advice stay in the arms of our Blessed Mother and the true faith of the Catholic Church. :thumbsup:

Also remember to pray for them. They get most of their membership from kids who are “Out casts” and those with low self esteem. Most of them are just looking for fellowship and friends and are attracted to the “mysterious” but when they are in and take the bait they are trapped and find it very difficult to get out.

They are extremely secretive - and defensive, as you have seen.

Aleister Crowley was IMO, an embodied demon - a man who allowed demons to take control of his “self.” Crowley claimed to be the reincarnations of several people including a Catholic Pope, and Egyptian priest and Eliphas Levi, an occultist and author of magick from whom he drew inspiration.

The creed of OTO is a revised version of the “law of Thelema” as revealed supernaturally to Crowley before he joined OTO - “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” translated to, “Do what thou wilt. Love is the whole of the law. Love under will.” OTO is a cult which was founded upon sexual magick.

Crowley wrote many books which are still heavily studied and used, today. I have had most of them at one time or another, but I never got anything out of them except that he was perverted and a megalomaniac and totally out of his mind. But, in magick circles, to “get” Aleister Crowley is to be enlightened.

It seemed pretty nonsensical to me, but people who claim to “get it” can draw you diagrams for how it all works and even explain it all with a straight face.

You have just been cursed by one of the so-called enlightened ones. :rolleyes:

I say “nonsensical,” but I do not mean to imply “harmless.” Crowley and anything to do with OTO is occult and evil. Give it wide berth - it’s spiritual poison.


[quote=OurLadyOfEfes]They get most of their membership from kids who are “Out casts” and those with low self esteem.

Yes. This and many other occult and new age religions appeal to the human sense of powerlessness.

Demons are very patient - they can afford to be - they do not live in time. They will allow you to have every sensation of control and power that you desire for as long as you desire it.

I thank God every day for plucking me out of that slavery!


There is a group that meets near my city. One of the things that really makes me mad is that they have children attend and take part in their cerimonies.

I have had the mind to send them a bunch of apologetics to hopefully rescue on of them.

I thank God every day for plucking me out of that slavery!


How did you escape?

[quote=OurLadyOfEfes]How did you escape?

**Only by the grace of God! Thank you, Jesus for Your mercy! **

I was not ever a member of OTO or any other cult, so there was no organization to escape physically, only a mindset.

I finally realized that relativism wasn’t working. There was nothing solid, no power, no promises fulfilled in my pathetic little pantheon. There were only lies and illusions.

As soon as the house of cards crumbled, the Truth fell into my lap and I listened, this time.

God has been more generous and merciful than I have ever merited.


You have washed us in your Blood oh Lord, By your merciful passion you have redeemed the world. God’s desire to forgive is greater than our desire to be forgiven.

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