What is Pius ?

What does Pius mean ? And WHAT makes a Pope Pius? Theres been a serries of Pope Pius; , ending with the XII.
Just wondering what it really means ; there must be a valifd reason, 'cause its confusing when ALL preisits, leaders and us people can be pius…why is a pope named Pius ?
Could it be possible the next Pope will be Pius XIII ?

Pius means “peace”; and it’s just used as a name for the popes’ pontifficates. Just like Pope John Paul II, or Pope John XXIII, the name “Pius” was taken by more than one pope, so the twelfth pope that adopted the name “Pius” was Pope Pius XXII, etc

I think you’re confusing it with “all priest, leader and us can be pious.”

Actually “Pius” is an old Latin name meaning “pious” or “devoted” or “caring” or “loving”.

The Latin word for “peace” is “pax”.

Pius XII’s motto was “Opus iustitiae pax”, which is often translated as “Peace is the fruit of justice”.


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