What is proper disposition for burial?

This pertains to Catholic burial practices.

My brother died in 2004 and was cremated. His cremains were placed in an urn which was subsequently kept on the fireplace mantel of another brother. He (deceased) had purchased a site for the urn in the same cemetery as my mother. I do not know why his cremains weren’t interred in it.

My mother died in 2013. My brother’s urn was placed in my mother’s coffin prior to burial.

Both my brother and mother had Catholic memorial Masses.

My question: From a Catholic perspective, is this proper for my brother’s cremains to be in my mother’s coffin?

If so, I would like to correct this situation.

While the Church would prefer that each Catholic receive his/her own burial, the main idea is that the deceased should be buried. In this case that is what has taken place, even if belatedly. I see no reason to remove the urn from your mother’s coffin.

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