What is Puratin Scottish Covenant?



I tried googling this religion and dont have a clue what it is? Does anyone have any idea? I saw it on a profile here and am scrambling to find information on it…

Any help would be appriciated!:slight_smile:

I dont want this to become a nasty argumentative thread. Just the facts and that is really it, a list of their beleifs and or doctrines and or whatever they practice is what I am looking for.




Steadfast, Thank you for that, I dont trust Wiki too much but its something to go on at least.

I wonder if I can come up with a site for an actual church for this religion.


Wow, you must have been looking at my profile!

Puritan, Scottish Covenantor

Those words are preferable to “presbyterian” as most people immediately think of the very liberal branches of the PCUSA (you know, the one ordaining women, etc).

Basically, we hold to the earlier teachings of the Reformers. The ideals of the Puritans on covenantal homes and churches. The cohesiveness of the Scottish Covenantors that were willing to die for their faith and covenanted together on upholding certain traditions and values. The modern Scottish Covenantors to be found in the US would be the RPCNA (one of them and as an example) with their motto of For Christ’s Crown and Covenant.


Okay, beliefs and practices…

Five point calvinism, the five solas, the litergy, covenantal homes (and covenant baptism/infant).

Our ppl are split currently on various issues (some of them due to christian liberty and some just because the denominations have swayed and many of us are trying to get it back on track)…issues such as covering, birth control, education, communion wine/juice, fencing of the table, exclusive psalmody vs hymns.

I’ll be back with more as I think of them (I have mommy brain trying to corale 6 children)


Damascus, try spelling it Puritan instead of Puratin. There’s pages of stuff then.

I also searched on Yahoo and found this link: puritanboard.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=7135.

Maybe that will help. Deb


Excellent resource…:wink:


What is

[quote=LadyFlynt]fencing of the table, exclusive psalmody.




Fencing the communion table…only those that are a member of the church/denomination and in good standing may take communion. The pastor may withhold communion if the person is under discipline for sin.

Exclusive Psalmody…singing of only the psalms put to meter…usually done accapella (no instruments other than a key whistle when available).


This is what the Eastern Rite Churches and the Orthodox Churches practice. When I spent time in the Antiochian Orthodox community before the consecrated elements were received by the faithful the priest always made it a point to note that non-Orthodox Christians may not receive communion and only the Orthodox that have presented themselves worthy by fasting and recent confession should partake. Is this what you mean by fencing? The Eastern liturgies are always canted, with no instruments.

Have you considered the Eastern Rite? Or maybe Holy Orthodoxy?


My MIL was Greek Orthodox. One of the problems I have with the Eastern Orthodox Church is their view of man’s relationship with God being synergeristic rather than monogeristic.

(My husband enjoys listening to cantations though or latin chants)

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