What is Purgatory?


examples of Purgatory?

well, don’t know how much you know about Catholic teaching but the RCC teaches that one can offer up one’s sufferings/ sacrifices… to expiate (purify) themselves… for past sins…

so anything that is suffering can be offered up - and definitely should be… 'cause then you don’t have so much Purgatory in the next life to go through… some st. said that doing your purgatory in the next life rahter than this one is like paying a million $ for something you could have gotten for a few pennies (something to that effect)…

so anyway… my sufferings for today (asusming that’s what you mean?) are (in no particular order):

i forgot to grab the disc that has the Today’s Mass readings on it… (and some other things) so now am behind …

I’m absent-minded and/or disturbed a lot of the time which is why the above happened…

i have to deny my body sex all day, every day (oh, i already mentioned that one… hmmm… telling, isn’t it?) :hmmm:

don’t know about the Blacks in your life but the ones i know… or know OF don’t seem to totally forgive Whites… but thank God for the ones who do… :slight_smile:

the man in the White House…

the woman in the White House…

the man NOT in the White House… :frowning:

My priest has a split personality… one is orthodox and one is not… :rolleyes:

Do you really want me to go on??

But it was kinda good to get that out of my system…


Thanks for the suggestion about offering up suffering. However, my question was to your response “that’s not purgatory but a little piece of Heaven…”

Let me rephrase my question by the following:

Have you thought about yourself being a reason for others to offer up some suffering"? :wink: As you mentioned “We go through Purgatory in this life” and you gave some examples how you had to put up with other people … could you think of ways that others might have to put up with you and that they too “go through Purgatory in this life” due to some of your action/thoughts/ etc …?


of course. I do not give people an easy time… but not because i am mean or hateful or cold (though i am sure people think that…) but only because i love Jesus more than i love them.

There are people in my life who have shown to me that they don’t like me being so “enthused” about Christ… but i am not going to change to suit them and so they hate me… so their “hate” or w hatever it is… is a purgatory for them… Doing good ALWAYS involves making enemies or getting others to “dislike” you…


Could you give few more examples? :smiley:


examples of people not liking me because i am a devout Catholic?

well, ever since i became one (catechized and enthused, e tc…) i have lost one so-called friend or family member after anohter… Seems kinda strange that i HAD friends/family members until i became a devout Catholic (outspoke one, that is)…

it might be better to give you a list of people who have NOT abandoned me since i fell in love w/ Jesus…

hmm… i will attempt to compose a list…


St Jude… Yes, he is a friend who has not abandoned me… :slight_smile:

anyone else on the list??? Hmmmm…

I’m thinking, I’m thinking…

even the other Catholics don’t like me because… well, because… i don’t know why… i guess because they never liked me anyway… (I speak of family here…) :smiley:

nobody likes a fanatic… so-called…


I’m not sure stupid would account for it. She got one of the highest grades in the class. But I digress…


well, i tend to think even “stupid” people can get good grades if they apply themselves… and maybe that’s wht she was doing… making darn sure she got a good grade… darn sure she should u/stood everything thoroughly so as to succeed in that… So… not so stupid after all… :slight_smile:

anyhow… this reminds me of another Purgatory of mine: “Stupid” people - as in people who don’t accept Christ. NOw THAT IS kinda … not too bright… because… well, don’t you think it oddthat someone wouldn’t admit he needs his sins forgiven???

it seems to me that those who don’t bleieve in Jesus are saying, in effect: “I don’t have any sins” (?) .

and we all know how… not true that is…

and actually, even those people are even brighter than the ones who… call themselves Christian but then violate virtually every other christian principle known to man… :rolleyes:

that is really stupid because as the Word says: To whom more is given more is required…

just rambling… :rolleyes:



being with the souls in Purgatory is a great purgation!!!

(the Real Presence)


sufferings for the day…

hmmm… it would be easier to list the things that are NOT a suffering…

the sun is shining

at least I’m not as old as some people… :smiley:

I don’t have a man in my life

God loves me… :slight_smile:

other than that… :ouch::hypno:


Purgatory is having to go to Mass with a bunch of people that I know that voted for Obama, and they know full well he is pro choice. It burns me up to see them acting all holy in church. My husband says they’re Catholic in name only. I just want to go up to them and say “how could you vote for that man?”


I totally understand!!!

I don’t know the voting record of all the parishioners @ my Church but not sure i WANT to… because (knowing myself :rolleyes: :smiley: as i do) I would … well, it wouldn’t be so good…

you say you want to go up to them… and say something. Well, i WOULD say something… (not sure what but something…)

I kind of have a “big mouth”… :rolleyes:

If anyone i know in the Church was strongly for BHO… they don’t (didn’t) make a big show of it, thank God… i have yet to see a pro-BHO sticker on anyone’s car… :slight_smile: but have seen this thing in bigger cities… :mad:

weird the people who call themselves Catholic… Nowadays you can’t just say someone is Catholic… you have to say either “true Catholic” or so-called Catholic… so people will understand what you are talking about…

pathetic… but then Jesus did say there are “few who find” that narrow road to Heaven…(st Mt 7:13, 20 … St Lk 13:24)

maybe our prayers can give them the necessary boot … kick them far enough on the way… so they find that road… :smiley:


sufferings for the day:

none (because I’m not “thinking” today) :smiley:

(yes i know… What else is new?)



I wish I was brave. And I do know for a fact that quite a few of our parishioners voted for BHO, and I’ve also seen a few stickers on cars. I wanted to rip them off. Apparently, somebody beat me to that one, because our priest talked about that one Sunday!!


If you are really interest in Purgatory. There is a book that is an awesome read and has been approved by a past pope. the name of it is “Get Us Out of Here”

I have read it twice

God Bless


I have a self imposed form of purgatory, Getting on the Social Justice forum and readind or posting there. I don’t why I even go there. That place is always a circular firing squad. Geeze!
Peace, Tom


And for me, those who voted for McCain/Palin. I don’t get that. BTW, as to the bumper stickers, living in a "red’ state I see many McCain/Palin and “W”. I’d consider that purgatory time as well. :wink:

You’re making assumptions on those of us who voted for Obama. Many of us look at the whole picture and made our decisions. It’s judgements like these that some Catholics make about others that divides us.

I hesitate to post as I know I will be jumped on, I have before, told I am sinning, condemned, told my conscience is ill formed, people will pray for my soul (ok, I don’t mind that!) etc. etc.

Judgemental threads like these are a HUGE turn off. Just how you feel marginalized by those who voted for Obama, so do those of us who you judge as not being “Catholic” or “lukewarm.”


It’s a good thing you didn’t because that would be vandalism. I see McCain/Palin stickers all the time and I am grateful to live in a country where we have that freedom of speech.


Well now GodisGracious, it’s funny you should say that. Actually what our priest was talking about was stickers being taken off cars. Wasn’t me that did it, but the thought did cross my mind. I’m not going to “jump on you,” but it just irks me that a lot of people ignored Obama’s stand on “life issues.” I guess I’ll just surf on over to the social justice section now. Maybe I need to do some time in Purgatory for being glad somebody had the guts to rip those Obama stickers off those cars. :smiley:


Ok, well, let me ask you this. Would you have wanted to have had any sticker of yours taken off of your car? Wouldn’t you have considered your car to have been vandalized?


No, I would not want anybody to mess with my car. :nope: And yeah, I guess maybe you could stretch it and say your car had been vandalized. (a big stretch) I still think cars look classier without the Obama stickers. :thumbsup:

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