What is required for a Mixed Marriage?

Is it possible to have the sacrament of marriage (and it be valid) with another baptized Christian but from another denomination like Methodist or Baptist etc…? What has to be done in order to be married in the Catholic Church?

Yes, it is possible. Anytime 2 validly baptized persons enter into a valid marriage it is considered a sacrament (canon 1055 §2).

In the case of a Catholic and a validly baptized non-Catholic the following are required (canon 1125):

  1. Proof of baptism for non-Catholic. Proof of all sacraments of initiation for the Catholic (baptism, 1st communion, confirmation).

  2. The Catholic party will promise to remain Catholic and to do all in his/her power to raise any children of the marriage as Catholic. The non-Catholic party will be informed of that promise.

  3. Marriage preparation will take place during which the Catholic understanding of marriage will be explained to the couple.

  4. The couple will attest that they both understand the Catholic theology of marriage and freely choose to enter into it.

  5. The Bishop’s office will review all of the above paperwork and, if satisfied, will grant permission for the Mixed Marriage.

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