What is Saint Andrew Missal


Thank you

I’d like to know also. I just did a search and came up empty.

It is a missal for the Traditional Latin Mass. It is rather good, except for a few typographical errors. And I’m not sure, but I believe that it may not have the Holy Week reforms of H.H. Pope Pius XII.

that is the missal we were given when we made our first communions (1950s) it was revised shortly before V2 began, although some revisions from the Tridentine Mass had already been introduced by this time.

The one sold by St. Bonaventure Publications is a reprint of a 1945 Missal. So, it does not have the 1955 changes to Holy Week. But it is still an excellent Missal and perfectly usable at a Traditional Mass on most days of the year.


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