What is "saints in heaven" source document?

Another person has asked to see the specific church document that teaches that everyone in heaven is a saint. Can anyone help me?

Catholic Encyclopedia: Beatification and Canonization Many sources are given in this document.

Being in heaven by definition makes one a saint… I don’t see why this would be controversial…

I’m confused about the question.

Are you saying that this person does not believe that those in heaven are perfected and pure beings, which is equivalent to “saints”? If they aren’t perfected and pure beings, what are they?

We have saints on earth (people being perfected), and saints in heaven (people completely perfected).

Is this person’s objection based on the Church’s capacity to factually pronounce who is a saint in heaven, or is it that he/she does not agree that those in heaven are actually saints?

Show him the bible.

I think I need to be more clear in stating my question.

A person approached my wife and she (my wife) said in a presentation that everyone who was in heaven was a saint. He said he never heard that before. He was sure that his mother was in heaven and he considered her a saint, but she was never canonized.

So, as I said previously, he said he never had heard that before and wondered where she heard it? He’s a good Catholic and asked the question in an honest way.

A saint *is *somebody who is in heaven.

Canonization does not make somebody a saint - it recognizes them as being such, and, literally (“canon”) allows them to be invoked in the mass, and given public recognition and devotion, etc.

So - all in heaven are saints, but not all in heaven get the chance to go through the canonization process on Earth. They are known as saints only to God (or to those on Earth who are free to privately believe they are a saint and pray to them - as long as it remains private. Only canonized people - or beatified, to an extent - can be publicly promoted as saintly people).

Does that help? :slight_smile:

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