What is Scientology?


Hello, I was wondering what Scientology was?

What do they believe in?

Is it good?


No, it isn’t good, SB. Scientology has been discussed previous on the forum; here is one such thread that should be helpful to you:



Thanks for the link…

Why is it not good? I never read all of it but it said it was “Made up”


It is made up by LR Hubbard…


It truly is a man-made “religion”; it was created by the late science-fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard, who simply put forward his fictional fantasy as reality. Read further in the link for more information.


It’s the 20th century version of Mormonism.


Thanks again for the info.


It sound freaky to me.
They are a business religion that wants to make money and take advantage of it’s members. I’ve heard they brainwash them. I’m sort of glad it doesn’t make sense to me!


A hoax.


Look what happened to Tom Cruise, he went mad.
I hope John Travolta remains ‘normal’


It may be of interest to know that prior to the start of Scientology, Hubbard was engaging in mystic rites with Jack Parsons, a follower of Aleister Crowley.

I would be very wary of Scientology and any of their claims.

Parsons was an interesting and brilliant man. I believe that he was one of the founders of Jet Propulsion Laboratories in California. He later sued Hubbard for theft after Hubbard stole his girlfriend and his boat.



Jack Parsons girlfriend was placed in the same catagory as his boat?:eek:


Scientology began as Dianetics which was a kind of pop psychology movement. The person was supposed to be audited with an e-meter and the auditing process freed them from engrams (repressed memories of bad things that had happened to them). When the engrams were removed, the person became a Clear.

Dianetics made its debut in the pages of Astounding Science Fiction. The editor of ASF, John W. Campbell was a brilliant editor, but he fell for all kinds of pseudoscience. Finally, Dianetics morphed into Scientology. Scientology still audits and still follows Dianetics.


It is a fabricated religion, hence a CULT, of an author by the name of Hubbard. He was investigated by the FBI (since it is a CULT).
They Believe not in GOD but in Aliens. And that mankind was planted here on earth by Aliens. Supposedly, the Aliens Spaceships were **Boeing DC-9 or DC-10 **but with Alien Engines. Look it up if you are in doubt.

**Members include but are not limited to:
TOM CRUISE and Katie Holmes (TOMKAT)
JOHN TRAVOLTA and KELLY PRESTON (wife) and MIMI ROGERS(previous wife)
I simply try to avoid anything that these Millionaire Morons are involved with. For example I would not watch their movies, since they deny Jesus the Christ. That would be a acknowledgment of their beliefs and further make them more rich.

You would think that these individuals would have a little more insight.

Also to become a member you have to be cleansed of your toxins in your body (this further propagates how insane they are since what do they think the Kidneys, Liver, Intestines, and Lymphatic System of the Human Body Does? Leeches remove blood and if you remove enough you may become anemic. Then you will require a Transfusion Of Blood/Blood Products at the Scientology Hospital:whacky: ). They use Leeches. Look it up. Read the Book.



Scientology is a religion founded by the science fiction writer L. R. Hubbard. It has several interesting elements, but its contents are in my view not really much more profound than the plot line in Hubbard’s own science fiction novels. I’d be inclined to say it is science fiction turned into a religion. Martin Gardener makes a very good critique of it (particularly in relation to its theory of mental and psychological healing) in one of his anti-pseudoscience books.


scientology is a cult and they believe in aliens.

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