What is self love?

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We were meditating on the Chaplet of Divine Mercy last night, in preparation for my Confirmation today. One of the paragraphs (1488) mentioned that “self-love is the root of sensitivity and discouragement.” I would like to find out more about what self-love is, but it doesn’t appear to be covered in the white catechism and googling it just brings up articles on self-esteem. Is there another word for it in the church, or can anyone recommend a book for me?


Edited to add: Paragraph 1488 of the diary of St Faustina.

Selfishness, vanity, greed, all are forms of self-love.

  • a person who truly loves himself will, therefore, love God. But the love of sin is a foolish love of self. It is a foolish following of our own will rather than a following of the will of God.

quoted from Dr. Geraghty, EWTN *


Aquinas presents us with two forms of self-love, normal and inordinate. Another term for inordinate self-love is “pride”. Pride ultimately causes discouragement because it either compels us to desire things that cannot be fulfilled, or, once fulfilled, still leave us unsatisfied. Just my take on the commentary.

Thank you, that’s very helpful.

Jesus said, “love your neighbor as you love yourself”.
Just think about what you would like and what you would not like.

Jesus said, “learn of me for I am meek and humble of heart”.
Meek means to be kind and gentle … with others and with yourself.
Humble means to think about the welfare of others, placing them first before yourself.
Heart means to do it with love.

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