What is self-sufficiency and why is it considered a sin?

Why is it important to pray? I think I guess prayer comes when you are hopeless. I think you should always try to do things for yourself.

A mental state of self-sufficiency is a variation of pride, and greatly to be avoided. This is different from learning to take care of ourselves as much as is prudently possible. We must always keep in mind, for the sake of humility, that any skill we have is not due to our merit, but by God’s grace alone. Without his care and help, we cease to exist. The gifts that he gives us today, he can take away tomorrow. Keeping this in mind combats self-sufficiency, teaching us to rely on God and his providence until our earthly exile is over. Failing to remember us may lead us to fatally reject God as a triviality. We are utterly at his mercy, and so we try to cooperate with him, praying that his Will may be done in us, not ours.

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Praying does not mean that we don’t make effort to achieve some end. We must do this, AND ask God for assistance at the same time. We should converse with God, praise Him, and ask to know Him better. Prayer is one of the most essential things we much do while here on Earth. God created us to need him. Additionally we cannot become God without Grace, and God will not give it if we do not ask him for it in various ways, prayers being not the least of these.

Because prayer is at the heart of our relationship with God.

Not at all. You misunderstand prayer. Read the entire 4th part of the Catechism which is on prayer.

Prayer isn’t as much about doing as it is about being. Being in relationship with God.

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We cannot reach our potential and be good without grace is more what I wished to say.

Right. It’s not about feeling helpless and just lying in a puddle and hoping God will do everything for you. As the Scriptures state “if the Lord does not keep watch over the city, in vain does the watchman keep vigil” and “It is You, O Lord, who have accomplished all that we have done.”

In both of these instances, God and man are responsible for the accomplishment of a task. Look back to the OT. Did not the Israelites have to go into battle to win (save one time, when God told them not to)? Did not the Israelites lose when Moses rested his hands, and win when Moses raised his hands? If Moses had said “I can be lazy, it’s all on God,” then simply put, God would have let them die.

Saint Joan of Arc herself told her warriors that God would provide the victory, if they provided the battle.

A person needs to be and ought to be proactive in life, self-sufficient in a sense but not in an extreme sense. Not in a sense that excludes God, because we do depend on God in all things.

To examine this in one point, you need only look at yourself. What were you made of? Ex nihilo! From nothing. Logically, you would return to your component parts (nothingness) if there were not something holding you together. But it is not your power to hold yourself together. Here is the beginning of why we recognize that we depend upon God in all things.

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