What is sin?

This might seem rather obvious. A quick three second answer: Sin is when we break our relationship with God in the smallest way.

-What is the nature of sin?

-How does one know something is sin?

-How does one know the distinction between sin, feeling bad, just anger, guilt and embarrassment.

I’m attempting to develop a clear and precise lesson on the nature of sin and its characteristics.

Sin is anything outside of or opposed to the will of God. We don’t always know when something’s sin but we’re told that the law of God is written in our consciences and also written in stone via the Ten Commandments. And that, more generally, anything that opposes love of God and neighbor is sin. Emotions can be fleeting and untrustworthy, but a “Godly sorrow”, referred to in scripture, should help drive us to authentic contrition for and repentance of sin.

I think sin generally derives from selfishness in some form. It is directed towstds self gratification & can be at the expense of other people & God. The reason fasting & mortification are good against sin, is because they train us away from ourselves. Just my thoughts; there would be further descriptions. But i cant see how embarassment of itself is sinful.

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