What is that new movie "Angels and Demons" all about?

I just read that Church leaders banned producers from filming in two churches. The movie Angels and Demons is some prequel to The Da Vinci Code.

What is this about?

Opps, I think I misunderstood your question…
About the church leaders, I think that they found the story to be very anti-catholic and inflamatory, and I assume they didn’t want to lend church property into the making of this movie.

I originally thought you meant what the movie was about. And here was my reply:

If I remember correctly, it is a story about a Cardinal in the Vatican, who manipulates things to take over the papacy. He wants to world to unite back into the one church, and contrives an elaborate plan to do this. To me it seemed like he had a “good” idea of all people drawn back to the one true church, and to commit themselves to living a Christian valued life, but he had a very “evil” way of accomplishing this by tricking the people into believing miracles had taken place, but the miracles were of his making.

I personally didn’t find the book to be anti-Catholic, just as I wouldn’t find a book about someone trying to steal the presidency as being anti-American. But I am sure many others would strongly disagree with me on this.

The book also had some interesting thoughts on how science and religion can be reconciled.

The book is a wonderful FICTION. I found it harder to put down than the Da Vinci Code. And it’s not a pre-quel. It stands on its own. The first 30 pages are boring, but if you get past them, you simply can’t stop reading this book.

But the Church may have a problem with a movie where the cardinals are held hostage by a bomb threat while being cloistered together electing a new pope. Evidently, planting a bomb in the Vatican may give some nut-cakes out there some crazy ideas.

Don’t worry, this happens in the first 100 pages of the book and doesn’t spoil any endings.

Three items:

(a) “Illuminati”
(b) an attempt to blow up the Vatican
© the old “science and religion” conflict

I have the audiobook but haven’t finished it. I don’t know if they blow up the Vatican or not. It would probably make a better movie than DVC, and in my opinion not as anti-Catholic as DVC, except the blowing up of the Vatican part. :rolleyes:

And before I forget, Create Your Own Dan Brown Novel

Phil P

Yeah, it’s more of a guy who happens to be Catholic that goes bad (even though he’s pretty high up the ecclesiastical ladder), rather than a conspiracy by the entire Catholic Religion that has been covered up for 2000 years.

that link is hilarious. i am going to steal it for my signature… thanks!!! :wink:

I like Notworthy’s exhortation of the book being FICTION. After Brown’s other book, you were suddenly seeing specials all over Discovery and National Geographic studying his balderdash as if he published a doctoral thesis at Oxford. Sure, fiction is okay, but I hope we don’t see another doctrinal assassination of the Catholic Church like the faux science of the Da Vinci code specials.

Dan Brown HATES the Catholic Church so I refuse to read or watch anything that has come from him. This is not because my faith is weak but because buying his books and watching movies based on his books simply puts money in his pocket to continue his hate campaign against us.

The “Illuminati” is around today, they are enemies of the church, for 2,000s years, an yes they have attack the church, its traditions, an moral attitudes

AWESOME! :thumbsup:

I read the book in three hours at Barnes&Noble. It’s actually sympathetic to the Catholic Tradition.:smiley:

You know. I gathered that, too. Yes, it places a certain individual in the Catholic hierarchy who places his own needs and wants above that of the Church, but its not like that’s never happened before.

The rest of the book showed a lot of how much the Church reveres Her history and treasures!

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