What is the age group of people here

Somewhere between 17 and 70 :lying_face:


hahah lol, mid thirties is not that old lol

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It doesn’t sound old, but I’m starting to feel like I ought to put on reading glasses to cut my kids’ fingernails.

hhahah i am 18 and i i hold my lower back when i get up, hahha lol

you will never really know

72 :sleeping:

I’m old enough to remember the Sears Catalog Christmas Wish Book.


:open_mouth: wow, i wont say anything lol, that like 1985 hehhe,
lol still not that old,
my mom was five in Vatican II, 1964



I could say that I am 105 but that would be a lie 'though there are days that I feel like it or as if I have been run over by a truck. I will say that I am old enough to know better so I don’t… and smart enough to know that age is just a number so I don’t look at the calendar. 'Nuff said?

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But you look sooo much younger than I.

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Some days I feel my age, all 140 years.


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It’ll be the time spent in Yorkshire which has aged you . :upside_down_face:

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Are you from Liverpool?

Came as a Culture Missionary to the English in 1979.

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No , but it’s funny you should say that . On Monday I’m going to Liverpool for a few days .

I’m from a Lancashire town where they used to make the world’s toughest brick - - - - - - -

And we have a world-famous football team . :wink:


Ahh…the home of Accrington Stanley. Never saw them play, but knew of them when I was a boy in the Rhondda.

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The only football game I ever went to was Blackpool v Cardiff at Cardiff. Can’t remember the year. Stanley Matthews was playing. Amazing skill…and paid peanuts. I seem to recall that Blackpool won 1 - 0.

Am I correct in saying that the Acc. Stanley club I recall is not the current one. Seem to remember the old club dying out. Too much energy spent trying to beat Leeds United, I expect

Yes , Stanley were bankrupt in 1962 , but the re-formed team started to be put into place in 1968 . They were promoted to the Football League in 2006 , and were promoted last season from League 2 to League 1.

So keep an eye on them . They are on the way up . :roll_eyes:

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