What is the AGE of the universe?


What do you believe is the actual age of the Created/Evolved Universe?

I just realized that even though the furthest stars that have been seen in space by the Hubble Space Telescope are in the Billions of Light Years away from us, BUT I realized that when GOD had suddenly put all the lights up in the heavens about the Earth, is that all he did was to suddenly make the distant stars visible to Earth, so that even though we can see the stars as far as a billion or so light years from Earth, the age of the Universe is actually much less than that.

So what do you think? Do you think that the Universe IS older than the distance in Lightyears to the furthest Star seen by the Hubble Space Telescope, or is it much less than that?

The distance is in the several Billions of Light years that the Hubble can visually see with it’s camera.


It is not polite to ask a universe its age.


Before GOD made the Earth itself HE made the universe, but when HE made the Earth there was NO light, so HE then brought forth the light from the distant heavens, so that GOD did not have to wait many Lightyears for the apperance of the light from those stars.

If the Unviverse was as old as the furthest star in space, than that would equate to about 12 billion years or so.

P.S. I just like throwing a wrench into the works to mess things up a bit, but though this would be an interesting topic for the different Faith beliefs of when people think that the Earth came to be, whether it was Evolution, Creation, or a MIX of BOTH.



God creates light before he creates the heavens. So the light the Bible is referring to must be something other than the light of the heavens.


Only God knows …

What I know is that sometimes on a Monday morning I feel as old as the universe when that alarm clock rings.


I’ve read some interesting speculation about this.

First, think of “heavens” as the spiritual realm i.e. angels and such. Second, think of “earth” as the entire material realm, all of what we would today call the universe, not just the planet Earth.

God creates the heavens (complete).

But the material realm “earth” is still without form and void.

Then God creates light/energy as the big bang. Or a secondary explanation is that as the big bang starts to cool off, matter takes form, and light can actually emerge whereas it couldn’t before because things were too “hot.”

Billions of years later, stars form, and eventually planets, etc.

So light existed before the formation of stars. This is actually orthodox science at this point I believe.




I can only remember the last 39 or so years. I can state with relative certainty that it’s been around that long. Anything else is just a matter of conjecture on my part.


The best answer is that only God knows. But the evidence suggests 12 to 15 billion years.


Best scientific evidence is for 12 billion years or so.

On the other hand this depends on the assumption that a lot of scientific laws and constants have remained unchanged for that period of time. This based on the fact that they haven’t changed in the hundred years or so that we have observed them. Not the most convincing proof, but we have no other laws and constants to use.


I like the God only knows ~ but if I didn’t have that one to choose from, I would’ve picked the several thousand year choice. I take the book of Genesis literally as it’s written… six days of creation - Adam & Eve in the garden - the whole thing. I do not believe that we evolved from lower life forms over millions of years.


A bit younger than God, and a bit older than me.


Good one, Valke2! :rotfl:


Before the earth was formed, there were no days as we mean the term, for there was no rotation of earth on its axis. The sun, galaxy and universe have their own rotational cycles, I understand, and one such cycle could be thought of as a day, especially if it involves passing through a dark area, then a light one: an evening, then a morning. I don’t know. I’ll wait for heaven and ask then if I’m curious. Of course, we may have a new universe by then.

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