What is the best argument to prove the existence of God to Atheists?


The Cosmological, the Moral Conscience argument\ the mystery of the human conscience, or the Historical arguents, such as miracles and other supernatural graces?
i am still confused as to which one i should use?


Historically, it is major miracles that instantly make believers of people. I frequently refer to the Miracle at Fatima and healings at Lourdes as proof since these cannot be refuted. Also the Natural Law and so many amazing things about the human anatomy.


thank you @Eddie18, i forgot about the Historical argument


I feel that philosophical arguments work the best. St Thomas Aquinas gives us five arguments for God’s existence. http://web.mnstate.edu/gracyk/courses/web%20publishing/aquinasFiveWays_ArgumentAnalysis.htm



Love desires the good of the other.

Love does not count the cost.

Love is transcendent.


@po18guy, i cannot seem to understand what you are implying, can you explain, :slight_smile:
and @giuseppe96, i feel the same way,
most Atheist seem to argue with science, so i tend to think somewhere around the same page is good


They all pale in comparison to living a life that is full of love to all so that it is worthy of emulation. If you are not doing that, then no amount of words will convince anyone. If you are doing that, then words will be rarely necessary.


hmm. @AndrewAxland, agreed


Maybe, “Do you really believe that something comes from nothing?”


One thing you have to recognize (that I’ve learned coming from atheism to Catholicism) is that you won’t “win someone over” by trying to beat them over the head with facts and arguments. Your goal is to plant the seed and let the Holy Spirit or God water it. That’s not to say you can’t engage in these discussions, by all means you should because it will help you learn how to defend your faith. But conversion comes from within the person.

To answer your question, the most effective way to plant the seed will depend on the person and how strong their convictions are of atheism. Some peoples’ hearts are so hardened that it will be futile regardless of the arguments you provide. Others may be scientifically/philosophically inclined, in which case reason (Aquinas’ proofs are a good demonstration of this) may work (and, in fact, that’s what helped reel me in). Others may be swayed by emotional arguments, though if they’re an atheist, they’re more than likely going to want harder proof than a one-off miracle or “soft” argument.

Most importantly, I think you just need to live the faith when you’re around them. Don’t be constantly seeking “the right argument” to get them on “your side”. Be a good friend and someone they can trust. Share your views with the utmost charity and compassion. Putting them on the defensive every time they’re around you will immunize them to whatever progress you may have otherwise made.


If there wasn’t God there would be no atheists.


Eh, you have to be careful with making that argument. You’re saying God exists because people believe He doesn’t. They’ll say, well then unicorns must exist because people believe they don’t. And then the argument goes off the rails from there.


just quoting something I read.


Arguments are futile. People must be inspired not argued.


There are mountains of scientific proofs of God, from Coded DNA to Eucharistic miracles, I have yet to find an atheist with an open mind no matter what evidence you give them, they won’t look at it reasonably. Try winning them over with Love teach them that Love is the reason they have a longing in their souls, teach them that the world follows the enlightenment movement that always end in hate as it is anti gospel tell them if they want to see this then open their eyes and see what is around them for a start last year 450,000 Americans committed suicide, Depression drug abuse anger etc etc are all fruits of enlightenment and the seeds are poison for the soul hence if you reject God you will serve the devil and today we call that devil humanism. etc etc etc. Good luck.


On a more pedestrian level I think it’s crazier to believe that something comes from NOTHING than something comes from SOMETHING UNSEEN. LOL


How do you get that? The statement is that the existence of atheists depends on the existence of God. Not the other way around.


I don’t know that it’s possible to convince someone who is completely closed to the possibility of God. They have to open the door even a smidge to let in the Holy Spirit. We can pray for them, but brow beating doesn’t work.


Perhaps a single argument you provide to an atheist will be the source of his inspiration. Reading in the lives of the Saints, many of them had long heated discussions with people before they were converted. Conversion occurs through many factors, and debate is one of them.


I have encountered and debated many atheists because of marketing that targets them. Here are a couple of common methods I encounter. Almost all atheists use some form of the strawGod argument. They build up a god that is not God, then proceed to beat up that strawGod. You must point out that they are using that false argument. For example, when they try to tell you that God created evil, I tell them they are describing a god that does not exist. Then I will point them to an article that I wrote specifically designed to show that God did not create evil.

Secondly, most of the “new” atheists have very little critical thinking training. They are very weak intellectually. Most of them are atheists because socialistic professors and others of that ilk tell them there is no God. They seem to not understand that it is a logical fallacy to try and prove absolute or universal non-existence, especially of God. Believers offer as much evidence for the existence of God as they can. The best an atheist can do is try to knock holes in your evidence.

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