What is the best Complete Catholic Study Bible?

Which Catholic Study Bible is the best? I’ve seen the following mentioned as good:
Great Adventure Catholic Bible
Didache Bible (I actually bought it as a 50th wedding anniversary present for friends but haven’t read it myself in detail
Catholic Scripture Study Bible

What are the advantages/disadvantages of each?

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I think it kind of depends on what you’re after. I think the best modern one I’ve seen is Scott Hahn’s study Bible, but he’s only published the NT of it so far. Haydock’s Commentary is a classic, is available for free on PDF, and is over the whole Bible. The Catena Aurea is for the Gospels, but is full of quotes from the ECF.


The best study Bible is the one that you will read, that will engage you. There are many options out there. I like having all of my Bibles on Kindle so I can cross between many different translations and study notes.

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I disagree. There are versions and scholarship out there that are dubious at best. The time for this cliche mantra to be re examined is overdue.


Honestly, it does depend on what you’re looking for, like @Fauken said.

Some people want a study Bible that has articles and commentary defending Catholic teachings. In that case something like the Catholic Scripture Study Bible might be what someone is looking for. It has inserts which talk about things like purgatory, hell and the Eucharist.

I have the Great Adventure Bible and I do like how it explains the covenant and it has articles which summarize these key points in Salvation history, but it’s not what I would consider a study bible, like those from Oxford Press.

If you want a scholarly study Bible then something like The Catholic Study Bible might be more suited to your needs. I have yet to find a study Bible that encompasses all of this, so I prefer to buy separate books and commentaries and just use my personal bible to reference those sections I’m studying.

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This is the one I use for our Bible Study

From what I know, the Church wants translations based on updated scholarship, which means NABRE, NRSV-CE, etc.

Given that, I chose an affordable edition that uses NABRE (which has critical and cultural annotations) and another affordable edition of The Catholic Prayer Bible, which uses NRSV-CE and contains points for reflection and prayer. I supplement both with The Daily Roman Missal, which has daily readings.

I do this while waiting for the upcoming NAB which will involve coordination with the Vatican, and should be approved for not only personal but also liturgical use. I’m told that there will also be an updated edition of NRSV.

I know it isn’t on the list, but I’d honestly recommend the Haydock Bible

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I’ll make the case here for the Great Adventure Study Bible. The study helps are focused on one idea - that Bible is the Story of Our Salvation. No other Bible quite presents it that way. Also, the Great Adventure is integrated into many other Bible study programs from Ascension Press. The typeface and size is good compromise as well. It the best general Catholic Bible available.

I have nothing but good things to say about the Didiche Study Bible. It is a scholars Bible and the notes are great not only for facts but for Catholic apologetics as well.

The best is:

  1. A Bible
  2. The Catechism of the Catholic Church
  3. Writings of the Church Fathers
  4. Writings of the Saints
  5. Church Documents

Most of the things you don’t have in hard copy can be accessed through the internet.

I like the Ignatius Study Bible and the Navarre Study Bible.

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