What is the best Daily Missal to use for the Traditional Latin Mass?


I am planning on getting a daily missal for use at the Traditional Latin Mass. I am relatively new to the Extraordinary Form- I understand the flow of things but I would love to have something which I can follow along in. I’d like to know which ones are the best, where I can find them/if they are still published and how much I’d be looking at spending (I live in Canada, so please take currency into account). Your feedback would be greatly appreciated! +JMJ+


My personal recommendation is the Angelus Press missal. I like the commentary in the margins and overall formatting over the Baronius. I also know that they have the specific feast day Masses for Canada (such as the patronal feast for St. Joseph).


There are thousands of Latin-English missals available 2nd hand, which is where you need to be if you are concerned about the cost and you don’t want to pay $60 or $70 or more for a book.

On EBay right now, there are various St Joseph Missals and others from the 1950’s or before.

Missals are books often with leather covers and high quality “bible grade” paper, designed to last for many decades. A lot of Catholics were gifted these books for their confirmations or first communions, and most haven’t been consulted since the mid 1960’s. A lot weren’t even used back then, as most Latin Mass attendees in the 1960’s and before did not follow along in missals.

My mom owns a missal that is presumably still at the bottom of one of her chests near some of my baby pictures.

The best missals particularly for new people are ones with pictures in them, portraying what the priest is doing at each stage of the Latin mass. Its very difficult to follow along just listening to the words, as priests are instructed to say different prayers loud, medium or soft. The pics are helpful.


Thanks so much!


Thanks for the info! I’ll try to look at some on Ebay.


The best one is the one which you will use. Easy to hold, easy to read, etc. You decide.


Love my '62!
I take it along to the OF Mass too-- I can read the prayers in Latin while Saying them in English. Then there are the Before and After Mass Prayers, which few can be bothered with anymore --and seems like half the “Breaking Bread” copies don’t have them anymore.
Chit-chat before and after Mass is now the norm.


Seems like you don’t have the right OF missal! :stuck_out_tongue: While not everything in my Daily Roman Missal has things in Latin, a good chunk of it, including the Order of Mass, is.


There’s an OF Missal??


Humor doesn’t always translate well over the internet, so I’ll err on the side of caution and assume you’re serious! Yes there is!


Come to think of it, I may have seen someone using one recently. Probably a convert. shrug


Thanks for the info! And yeah- it’s really unfortunate that chit-chat has become the norm before/after mass. Irreverent noise always seems to fill the church. Anyways, thanks again for the info! I’ll look into the ‘62 missals.


Mine is beat to heck and back haha- it’s served me well


$56.03–not bad. I wonder if they sell it in the FSSP Bookstore? I’ll have to ask them this Sunday.
If all the readings weren’t so completely unsynchronized, I could simply use my '62 everywhere…


I don’t think so. The only mistake they sell are their own, for the 1962 rite.


This is for Novus Ordo, just FYI.

I’d love to see a unified Lectionary…


And calendar!


Yes. It would sure make it easier for those of us who assist at Mass in both forms.


And interesting that the publishers actually use that very term. Apparently it’s only considered insulting when devotees of the TLM use it. :sunglasses:


I would doubt that would be likely. The Church seems to be pleased with the way the 3 year cycle of propers turned out- and I was also under the impression that the lectionary is shared by other liturgical protestant groups in a somewhat revised format- Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians- as well. To switch back to the traditional way of doing things could be a little awkward under the circumstances.

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