What is the best Douay-Rheims Bible for kindle?

I need help finding a good Kindle version. It has to be Kindle because I cannot read physical books due to disability. There are a few different Kindle versions and I just don’t know which one to get so I’m hoping to get advice here.
Thanks and God bless!

There is a Douay Rheims Challoner from Catholic Way Publishing for about $2 USD that I looked at. The font is nice.

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What do you think about this one?

I see that the Bible Translators Intl version looks more like my hard-copy Baronius Press version from 2007. There is an indication that is has annotations but I don’t see them in the preview.

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you know you can send a sample of some to your kindle, it is a good way to see how the format is

they also have a free one to use until you settle on something better

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I like this one which is the one I think you were referencing. The only thing is I read a review saying that the footnotes and chapter introductions by the Bishop are missing and that worries me. How does it compare to the version you have?

The hard-copy Baronius Press edition from 2007 is loaded with footnotes on every page, and also has illustrations and color maps and historical index. I have not found a kindle version like that yet.

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Well, there is this one claiming that have the complete Bible but I’m not confident in that because it doesn’t look like it’s from a Catholic publisher and I am afraid that it might end up like the new American Bible that has Protestant inputs which I do not want. What do you think?

3.1 out of 5 stars? I would read the comments on that one

do you have a phone or a tablet? the Laudate app has a Douay-Rheims Challoner bible in it. the app was free

I have a Kindle fire tablet but most time I use the Kindle app for PC and Alexa for reading. That’s exactly why I don’t exactly trust that particular one because the reviews are so low. In fact, it only has one written review and it’s a critical review with one star so I am definitely not buying that one.

I think Laudate is on the Amazon App store for the kindle fire

it is a very good Catholic app and has the DR bible

it is free, give it a look at

Oh WOW - That’s the Douay-Rheims Haydock Bible!

Fr. Haydock put quotations from the Fathers & Doctors of the Church on almost every page. IIRC, the actual Haydock Bible is a HUGE book. I I didn’t know it was on Kindle until now.

@upant: The reason why it got 3.1 out of 5 stars is because the purchaser thought it was the original Douay-Rheims (1582-1609 iirc but no date given in the review) and it was the Challoner version as edited by Haydock.

It’s Douay-Rheims Challoner with George Leo Haydock notes in it as Margaret_Ann posted.

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Oh okay does that mean it’s a good translation then? I’m looking for a good reference Bible since I just found out that the American Standard Bible was created with the cooperation of Protestant scholars so I want to go back and look at traditional Catholic sources to make sure that I have the authentic meaning of the Bible verses.

Yes it does appear that I can put it on Kindle fire but I was looking for something that I could use on my PC since that’s the easiest thing for me to use I found a couple websites that I can use I just wanted to get a copy for Kindle also. At least now I know so I can recommend it to other people. Thanks

Imo yes. Personally, I wish I could afford the Haydock Bible but it’s a LOT of $$$ (I don’t have Kindle).

And iirc the American Standard Bible is a Protestant translation.

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Perhaps these public domain free downloads (available in a wide format, including Kindle, Epub, pdf etc may assist?)

The Holy Bible Douay-Rheims Translation Challoner Revision, 1749-1752


Yes the physical book is very expensive but the Kindle version is very inexpensive. You actually don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle books they have an app that you can download to your phone tablet or computer that enables you to read Kindle books. I actually use the Kindle app on my PC more than I do my actual Kindle and not only that if you have Alexa it will read a lot of your books for you. That was my main reason for getting one. So maybe you can afford it if you’re willing to read it on the Kindle app.In fact if you go back to the link I posted earlier and you look underneath the book title you’ll see where to get the app and it’s approximately 4 dollars from the Kindle version

Well, I found my answer I decided on Douay-Rheims Challoner with George Leo Haydock notes . The publisher says that is true to the original and he was a priest so I’m satisfied. Thanks, everyone I really appreciate the help.

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