What is the best (most catholic-friendly) radio news source?

I ask because I recently picked up an internet radio program for my PDA and thought I’d make the most of it. Of course, immaculate heart radio was the first station to be added. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, EWTN is a great station for Catholic programming and (in the World Over’s case) larger, mostly Catholic-related national news, but not so much late-breaking news… which is why I ask, what’s the best specifically news-oriented oriented radio channel out there? I put a few channels that immediately came to mind up in the poll, but feel free to suggest something else if you know of a better alternative.

I should have read your post prior to voting. I was going to suggest Immaculate Heart and EWTN (Sat. Radio). Now I have nothing… well, on occassion I listen to the Catholic Channel (Sat. Radio).

I think there will be a trade-off between breaking news coverage and Catholic-friendliness. I am not saying that dedicated news outlets necessarily are anti-Catholic, but serious news coverage attempts to be impartial and that means that some stories will cast the Church in a bad light.

Although I haven’t listened to it, I wonder if Vatican Radio (Radio Vaticana) provides much news content? Certainly it would be Catholic friendly. :slight_smile:

I am slightly baffled to hear you say that most media outlests attempt to be impartial. I think that idea went out of fashion in MSM a couple decades ago. Listening very carefully to interviews conducted by a typical network, I would never come close to thinking they are trying to be impartial. Their agenda is very clearly liberal biased on every issue and guests are routinely badgered when their particular position does not jibe well with the liberal bent, especially on same sex attraction, and so called “separation of church and state” issues.

BBC radio tv and internet

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