What is the best response to this anti catholic attack?

Intermittently,i will hear anti catholic acquaintances claiming that Catholics murdered millions of Jews,non catholic christians .Is this true or falsehood; How should i respond to them? This may have been tackled previously here before ,but missed it.Any thoughts would be gladly appreciated.

What is their historical reference? Do they site a source?

No communion that I am aware of has clean hands. All of them hold a membership of human beings, and none are responsible for the actions of those before them, or even after them. My point is, I don’t get the point of their accusation.


I have heard some whoppers myself. As with JonNC, I would ask for some real historical proof.

There are people who ACTUALLY believe that the Jesuits (a Catholic Religious Order; the Society of Jesus) were behind the assasinations of Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy! (Everyone knows extraterrestrials assasinated them!!! Sheesh…)

We dwell among the un-informed, the biggoted, and the just-plain-stupid. Ask for the proof, and when they say they can’t find any, you can say, “I thought so.”

Well said, Jon.

When someone makes such ridiculous statements, reply with a resounding "You’ve got to be kidding me!!! Stop making a fool out of your self. If you can’t proove what you are saying, shut up! Then, find yourself a new circle of acquaintances. Stop hanging around with fools!
I am not as good a Christian as you are. When I was a sailor I knocked more than one person on their a** for making such statements. I can assure you they never repeated such nonsense again in my presence. It is unfortunate, but that is the only thing some people can understand…especially if they think they are bullies.

I think I’ll try that! :smiley:

The charge is just too vague to even address. Its obviously a prejudicial and biased charge.

Its like when an atheist says “science disproves God/religion”.

Its a fallacious and rather absurd statement.

The Catholic church is made up of human beings. Yes, bad things have happened - sometimes in the name of the church. But, if you look beneath the surface those things were against the doctrine of the church which remains the same.

IMHO one of the things that made me take a closer look at the Catholic Church is that so much bad stuff has happened, yet the gates of Hell have not prevailed against it.

I recently told someone that any institution that has been rocked by as much scandal was the Catholic church has - just within my life time - should have ceased to exist, but the Catholic Church still stands. Why? Because there is something there - something that is right and good at its very core - or satan wouldn’t be fighting so hard to discredit it.

And I’m a worse Christian than you are because when I read this I laughed and laughed and laughed…:rotfl:

Usually I just give em the roll eyes :rolleyes: and then suggest that they go to a library and read a good history book. I don’t have time or the patience to school ignorant people. Sounds bad, but yeah. No time for that stuff. Pray fro their eyes to be opened to truth. That’s all you can really do.

Gosh! Language! We need to make our points but respectfully.

I avoid telling people to “shut up”, even if I disagree.

As to the case in question, ask for them to provide proof. I don’t think they have any.

It’s been said that whomever raises his voice in an argument, first, loses.

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