What is the best TLM missal to buy?

I would like to attend the traditional Mass sometimes, and for my kids to be familiar with it. The problem is that I have only been to our indult Mass once, and it was very confusing. :o I would like to buy a nice missal to study and follow along in and found one online by Baronius Press. Is this a good one? I have and use their DR Bible, so I really like the nice binding.

Also, what is the best way to learn how to pronounce Church Latin? I took Classical Latin in college, but the pronounciation was different and it was almost 10 years ago.

Thank you!


Baronius is great. The small type is a little hard to read. Other than that, most people that I’ve surveyed on this board use that edition and like it.

They are all good if they can help you follow the Mass, or rather “Pray the Mass.” I have St. Andrew’s, Father Lasance’s, and St. Joseph’s. The St. Joseph is easier to hold in one hand, though. :slight_smile:

I use the New Roman Missal (Fr. Lasance)

What i did while learning the TLM was to purchase the COALITION ECCLESIA DEI missals. My parish used to hand out the propers so we were set.


They were cheap $6.50 compared to $50 but well written… but again missing propers.

Then when we made the TLM “full time” we purchased the New Roman Missal

BTW: It takes a few months to really “get” the TLM… Don’t be shy about asking for some guidance during the Mass. I love to help out guest and point out the richness of the Mass and the prayers

Thank you so much for all your help! I’m going to read all the links you posted. It is always good to have an excuse for book shopping… :wink:

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