What is the best vacuum cleaner for the price?


What is the best vacuum cleaner for the price? We need a new vacuum cleaner and will soon have all hardwood floors and brick tiles in the house. Although we will have area rugs in most of the rooms.

  • Is there a vacuum that will do both surfaces well?

  • Should we buy two vacuums one with a rotator for the area rugs and other with just a good floor attachment and suction power?

We have a Eureka right now that has a rotor for carpets and you can stop the rotor from spinning, the problem is it works only fair to poor on hardwood floors.

I am hoping we do not have to think about buying a $400-500.00 Dyson to do the job.:o


Forget vaccumning the wood. Get a swiffer wet-jet or equivalent.

As for the area rugs a light cheap vaccum may be sufficent depending on how much hair you and your family shed. For instance, my dog and I both shed hair like crazy. i have to take apart my vaccumn alot and fix it…then again it was a $30 vaccumn that my bro gave me because it couldn’t handle his hair and that of his two cats (one a maine coon).


Well, I also have hardwood with rugs and I really like my Hoover windtunnel canister vacuum so far. The suction’s good, it goes from hardfloor setting to carpet setting just with one button on the handle. Super easy to use. And I think it cost us about $200 ish from Walmart.


We have tried the Wet-Jet type products and they work great on the hardwood floors but the Split Brick seems to eat those type of mops:p


Don’t be tempted to buy a Dyson. He invented a great system but no one has to pay that much.


Sorry, I hadn't finished before I pressed enter. Dyson's are very heavy and...after he made his fortune in the UK he fired his staff and started a factory in the far east. If I won the lottery I wouldn't buy from that man.

I own a Morphy Richards 2000w machine. An upright: It does everything.


If you are going to spend some money, don’t buy the Dyson, check out a Oreck instead. They have a 10 year warranty and service it annually (including new belt) for free. We went through 3 vacuums is less than 3 years ( a bunch of cheap plastic, gimmicky junk) and ended up with the Oreck which is very simple, very light and works well. It does not have any attachments or external tubes, but that is part of the reason it works so well and is so light. If you need attachments get a small shopvac for $40 to supplement.

btw bagless vacs can get real nasty inside.


I did go to the Oreck Web Site and they do seem interesting. I will try and got the the local store and check them out. How long have you had your model? Also are parts easy to find?


I love my Oreck. It’s light and easy to move around. The parts and accessories are available both in my local store and online.

Some things are worth the price, these are one of them, IMHO.


I offer the opposite opinion. We just bought a Dyson after going through all all the other alternatives, and we LOVE our Dyson. Hubby was still complaining about the price, until I told him it was his turn to vacuum, and he can’t stop praising the new Dyson.


How is the noise level with the Dyson?


This being Catholic Answers and reading the subject before the full text of your question, my answer would be… the Sacrament of Reconciliation! It vacuums away all your sins and you can’t beat the price.


[quote="lutherlic, post:12, topic:198845"]
This being Catholic Answers and reading the subject before the full text of your question, my answer would be... the Sacrament of Reconciliation! It vacuums away all your sins and you can't beat the price.




Knew . know nothing about Dyson as a company but I can tell you as the owner of one for about the last 3 years - not worth the price.

We do love the “ball” feature. Took my wife a little while to get used to but she likes it now.

My brother has a Kenmore which is similar to Dyson (not with the “ball”) and it works just as well for a fraction of the price.

We ripped through Eureka and Bissell and would not ever, ever recommend those.

ETA: The Dyson’s hose feature is horrible and it is a rather loud machine.


I have a dyson ball vacuum. It is great. Light weight, easy to use, turns great, very effortless. It is a little expensive, but it is outstanding. 5 year warranty. I don’t think I could go back to another vacuum.


DD has a Hoover floor machine, she has bruce wood floors with large room size rugs, and carpet upstairs, and ceramic tile in the bathrooms, and it works on all those services very well, including the carpeted stairs. they have had it for 10 years since they bought the house and it has not beat up the wood floors at all, they look great. it has an HEPA filter and does a great job getting up cat hair, and the girls’ long hair as well.
I don’t know what brick tile is. a machine that is not intended for the surface you have is not going to do the best job.

we have a Eureka upright now with HEPA filter for the carpeted rooms, and it works great, but I have a Eureka canister just to get under the beds, do upholstered furniture and the ceramic tile floors, would rather have one machine, so we will probably get the hoover when it is time to buy again

my secretary has all slate floors plus area rugs, two dogs and 3 kids and swears by the dyson with the yellow ball


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Dysons! I have 2. I had 7 greyhounds of my own in Ohio and often had 2 or 3 fosters, and that dyson pulled stuff out of the carpet that you wouldn’t believe. I’ve had my purple one for about 10 years now and it’s been awesome! I moved out here ot Arizona with 7 dogs and bought a new ball dyson a couple of years ago and it is beyond great!
Oreck (spelling?) may be light, but they use bags and ick ick ick when changing them, it’s horrible! I now have 4 dogs and would probably use a bag a day and that’s pricey! (not only greyhounds, but dust here in Arizona)
I’ve had vacs that were 3 or 4 times the price of a dyson, (kirby, electrolux and filter queen) and they didn’t pull nearly the stuff out of the carpet that my dyson does!
Dyson can be found at overstock.com and other places on line at very reasonable prices!
I will never have anything but a dyson. I was silly and bought a 150$ vac here in Az when I got here, (was waiting for my belongings to arrive) it didn’t even last 6 months, and I only used it in my sewing room where my dogs don’t go, it was a dirt devil.
So I’m sold on Dyson,and honestly, I know probably 50 people or more who have em and only know of one person who hated her dyson!


My Dyson is 8 years old and still going strong. I love it. I use it on carpets only though. I have heard that for hard surfaces those enviro steamers are the way to go. I think if you are only vacuuming area rugs, the Dyson might be overkill.


My wife and I had an Electrolux upright for nearly 20 years, that was retired to garage\car cleaning duties a few months ago. It was a GREAT vacuum, but had really lost suction over the past few years. We were going to buy another, but I did not like the new models.

We wound up buying a Dyson DC25 Ball. (The really cool looking white and purple Bluprint model). We both love this thing. It cleans as well as the Electolux did when it was new, is easy to handle, and well, it just cleans very well. Our house is 75% hardwood, 25% carpet, but it’s a fairly large home, that has a lot of floor space of both. Works great on either.

Now, regarding pricing. The DC25 Blueprint lists for $500 just about everywhere including Amazon. I was not about to spend that much again, so I started shopping around. Bed Bath and Beyond, was running this model on sale, for $399, and allowed the use of a 20%off coupon, which brought it down to $320. I was sold in a minute at that price, and have not regretted the decision to date!

Highly recommended.


I check the Consumer Report’s “Buying Guide” for such questions and I looked and see it covers vacuum cleaners. It should be in the local library. However, the advice offered on this thread may be even better than Consumer Report’s coverage.
However, I recommend this “Buying Guide” as a home resource.

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