What is the best way to discuss Catholic faith?

I was raised Baptist and am currently going to RCIA classes planning on converting. For a while, I felt led to go to a Catholic church. I was unsure why, but finally I did. After the first few minutes at mass, I wanted to learn more and I felt a peace I had never felt before. I’m growing closer to God than ever and learning so much more about Jesus’ life and teachings on earth and His love for us. It’s been an incredible journey and continues to be. That being said, I have to get a record of my Baptism from my old pastor before joining the church. I have asked my RCIA teacher about what to do and discussed it with others as well as prayed about it. My old pastor was very much against the Catholic church. Thankfully, my parents are both very supportive and I have talked to them about my decision, but my dad was good friends with the pastor and said it would be best to not ask for the record. If I don’t, I will be baptized again which is not necessary. I don’t have a problem with being baptized again, but I’d really like to follow the church’s teaching of one baptism only. At the same time, I want to avoid confrontation or hostility over something so wonderful and dear to me. Furthermore, I want to tell my grandparents as they are both believers, but they too are both baptists. I have a very close relationship to them and I just don’t know how to go about telling them. I know that my experience in general, at least with the Baptists I know, is that Catholics do not have salvation and believe in good works alone. Some also believe that Catholics place Mary higher than Jesus Christ. I’m unsure of how to approach the topic. I’ve thought about just saying I’m converting point-black and offering to answer any questions, but I don’t know how well that would go over. Any advice would be appreciated! God bless!

Perhaps your parents could assist in informing your grandparents, particularly if they are supportive of your choice and also have a close relationship with the grandparents in question. Perhaps, since your father is close friends with the Baptist Pastor, he could ask for the Baptismal Record, without having to give the reason. If not, just ask for it. You may end in a confrontation, though. Ask the Priest at your Catholic Parish about how to handle both of these issues. Most Priests have run into such problems many times previously, and often have the best ideas on how to handle both family and interfaith problems such as this. I would not lie to the Baptist Pastor about why you want your Baptismal records, as this would certainly be sinful. The Priest may be able to advise you about getting the record. He is probably also the best to advise you about how to approach your grandparents, whether through or with your parents, etc… Good luck, God Bless and welcome to the Catholic Church !! I’ll say a prayer for you !

I understand where you are coming from…I was raised in the Church of Christ and came home to the Catholic Church at Easter 2009. In my case I did not live in the same state where I was baptized as a 12 year old, so I wrote a letter requesting the information. It was a bit of a cop out, but since I had not lived there for years, it worked.

Since you live in the same area you may want to talk to the baptist minister directly, it might be helpful to read Scott & Kimberly Hahn’s book Rome Sweet Home. It tells the story of their conversion experience and how they dealt with ministers, friends and family that did not understand the pull of the Holy Spirit to guide them home to the Church.

Blessings on your journey.

Those are wonderful ideas! Thank you! My mom is going to talk to my grandparents with me and help explain everything. She has gone to mass with me before and has a general understanding of things, so she’ll definitely be able to help! I’ll talk to the Priest as soon as I get a chance to. Thank you for your prayer! God bless!

I actually don’t live in the same area as the pastor anymore, so a letter might be the right solution! I’ll read the book regardless, because it sounds like there would be lots of useful information and it would be helpful whenever someone asks questions. Thank you so much!

Hi Their.
I am a long time revert to the Catholic Church and I just want to encourage you to continue your spiritual journey and wherever it leads you. I love the Baptist. We have a lot in common with them like the belief in Trinity, the hope of salvation in Christ, belief in the glorious resurrection, love of scripture, etc. I was reading the daily Mass gospel on Tuesday, ( Mk: 5 ) it was about the daughter of Jarius having died and Jesus response and healing or actually bringing her back to life, Jesus said, " Do not be afraid; just have faith". So pray first, then go get your record. It is you right and privilege, and know God is with you. Honor the graces God gave you when you were baptized and the graces he now brings to you. Remember you are a witness to your calling, but do all things in love.
Peace be with you.

Firstly, Congratulations on your journey to the true Faith! I would treat your relations with the love and respect their beliefs and your relationships deserve. I would not be trying at this stage to argue doctrine with them but find similarity in your common love for Jesus Christ.
Humility and love go a long way to defuse discord.
If there is discord retreat in love and respect, trying again another time to rejoin with your relatives. Remember that the nonsense about worshiping Mary has been inculcated in the anti-catholic rhetoric of many preachers for a long time. Patience and understanding is valuable when this discussion comes up, but I would not be raising this sort of thing yourself.
Use the good graces of your parents to ease through the rest of the family and indeed your old Pastor.
A hard road, but one traveled by many before. Remember, prayer is the strongest armor we have in our travels, and your old faith retains at its core the common love of our Saviour.

I love the Baptist and believe we have a lot in common as well! I know there are differences within the different Baptist churches, but my mother was raised Baptist and taught that the angels and saints intercede for us. She was also taught that there are mortal sins, so we’ve been able to have conversations about that. Thank you for the advice and the gospel passage. It helped me feel much more at peace, as God’s word always does. Thank you for the reminder about God’s graces and to do all things in love. I’ll keep that in mind as well as I’m approaching this situation. Peace be with you, too!

Thank you! Finding similarity would certainly be the best way to go. I was thinking of perhaps telling my grandparents that I’m attending the Catholic church and telling them about how much my faith has been strengthened and how I’ve learned so much about God. That way, there’s no mention of doctrine or the practices of the church, but they’ll know where I stand and why. Maybe even just use the term Christian as Catholics are, after all, Christians. I wasn’t planning on telling them anything for a while, but it’s gotten to the point where they’ll find out from other people if I don’t tell them first. I’d much rather be able to discuss it with them myself in case they do have any questions about anything or want to have a conversation about it. I think that factor, the common love of our Savior, is the best one to focus on.

The best way to discuss the Catholic faith is with our example…our lives.

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