What is the best way to wash purifcators?

I have been asked wash purificators at our church. They have not been rinsed at church so what is best way to soak out the wine and wash properly and with reverence. Also is the blood of Christ still present and should I use a special pot or utensil to soak them in and how do I treat the utensil afterwards? I am not sure what is the proper procedure and I want to be reverent. I was told to pour the water I use in the ground.

We extrapolate from the General Instruction of the Roman Missal’s recommendations for spilled wine:

  1. …If any of the Precious Blood is spilled, the area where the spill occurred should be washed with water, and this water should then be poured into the sacrarium in the sacristy.

Preferably any stained purificators would be soaked in the sacrarium or soaked in another container that is then poured down the sacrarium. After we can pretty much say that all that remains on the purifacator is a color stain and it can be laundered in the usual way.

If there is no sacrarium then the most reverent manner of disposing of the water used to soak them is to pour the water into the ground at the church or church cemetery.

For further reading:
Diocese of Fort Wayne South Bend’s Policy on Care of Altar Linens and Sacred Vessels

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