What is the biggest disagreement between Catholics and Protestants?

It can’t be justification. This was clarified in a different thread.

Is it Mary?
The saints?
Authority and the Pope?
The Mass and the Eucharist?

What do you think is the biggest stumbling block to Protestants becoming Catholic?

The authority of the Church.

I would agree since most of the doctrines have been professed by the Church.


The nature and authority of the Church.

EDIT: wow, I see we’re all on the same page here. :slight_smile:

Broad definition of protestant?
I no longer consider myself protestant, seeing as I qualify as one who sees errors going all the way back to the apostles, but as an evangelic fundy, I’d say the definition of justification is a biggy, also sacraments and purgatory as to us they seem to deny the atoning nature of Christs work on the cross!

All of those things have been defined by the authority of the church.
This is the biggest difference between Catholic Christians and non-catholic christians. Every disagreement will stem from the question of authority. Is it by scripture alone, or is it by the Church, using scripture, the sacred Traditions passed down, and the Teaching Magisterium.

myfavoritemartin proves this point, he now states that he no longer considers himself protestant because they teach some error.
He believes that his own private interpretation is more authoritative that all of the teachings of Christianity taught, and handed down since the apostles.

Case in point for “authority.”


The nature of the Church and Her Authority. Everything else depends on what denomination you are. Some very “traditionalist” denomination will agree with most of the Catholic teaching however they will still claim that they are part of some bigger, intangible and invisible Church.

Once you come to the conclusion that there is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church which is visible and is authoritative you will be forced to leave the Protestant waters.

Whats wrong today MFM? Have you changed your mind about the Theotokos?

I’m new here, and I also post at Christianet.com. So I think my opinions are a bit weighted from that. They are most unchurched fundamentalist there and they hate catholics. They claim

  1. We worship Mary.
  2. We worship the Pope
  3. We follow the doctrines of men.
  4. We are the whore of babylon
  5. We are unsaved because not born again.
  6. We worship 3 gods, Jesus is only Son.
  7. Most important The RCC is not the original nor true church, we just were the first winner among competing theologies none of which are biblical anyway.

I dont think its representative of most mainline protestants though.

We could sure use some help by the way in debating those folks. About 30% of their thread lines are anti-catholic in nature with the usual sprinkling of anti-mormon, anti-JW, anti islam stuff. They tend to worry about everyone’s salvation but their own.

The Atomic Church of Me! :smiley:


Nice try.

Want to tell everyone about your thoughts in the sacred scripture thread today?

Tell me more about your beliefs. And your life as a Catholic.

You are a Catholic, correct?

What do you think is the biggest stumbling block to Protestants becoming Catholic?

  1. What I see on the other side of the fence. (I know a lot of RCs and know none personally who know or practice their faith, and I am further dicouraged by what I see of the hierarchy)

  2. Justification

  3. Elevation of works, Mary, sacraments, etc… to the detrement of Christ

I personally would like to believe in a all knowing, infallible church authority that knew all truth. I just don’t see it.


Is Jesus Christ an infallible authority who knows all the truth? If you answer yes to that you should come home to his Church. You simply cannot separate Jesus from his church. They are one and the same.

Aww I’ll chime in here, if by authority you all mean the Catholic church is the one and only church then yea, thats my disagreement.

There is too many instances of people finding God outside of it.

Then, theres those who leave it go to a protestant church rediscover God and go back to the Catholic church. If the protestant chruch is only *God Lite *then how is it people keep discovering and rediscovering Him there?

Its ok to rediscover God in a protestant church but you cant take communion there? And protestants cant take communion in a catholic church. Why because each side percieves the same thing, differently.

From outside on the street between both of you guys, I will say this, until we all partake together, we will never be one. :shrug:

Hello TimmyZ,

How do you know if your sisters and brothers in your faith community practice their faith?

And what is entailed in the process of discernment of this?

Kitty is here! Yeah!

Kitty, how do you determine if someone is practicing their faith?

(I am asking because I have no way of determining this)

Thank you!

PS- I think we both can agree that any of us can sin. ?

Well Jesus said you would know them by their fruit.

Does their yes mean yes and their no mean no?

Can you walk away from them and not find a knife in your back?

If they mess up, even if reluctant are they willing to acknowledge it and try to do better.

Are they (at least trying) letting go what holds them down?

Of course we sin, its human if you will. To those without sin, well they get the first stone.

There was only one that had no sin. :wink:

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