What is the Book of Blessings and where can I find it?

What is the Book of Blessings? I’ve been interested in it and I’m trying to find the Book of Blessings online but couldn’t find it. Can any of you guys give me a link or something?

Type “Book of Blessings” in to Google and it comes right up.

try here

and here

I’ve searched before and there is no online version you can read. You have to buy a hardcopy.

Ahhh! Now I see what the OP was asking for.

I was wondering how someone who knows how to post that question on a forum couldn’t figure out how to use Google. :doh2:.

I did a google search but couldn’t find one online. Looks like I’ll have to ask for it on my birthday.

Greetings Inquiringperson,

I have serached the internet for that book as well. I have a copy around here somewhere but cannot find it. I think I may have to get another copy of it. And you know what’s going to happen when I do, I’ll find my other copy and have two copies. I am procastinating because I don’t want the above scenario to happen.

Does this happen to anyone else?

God Bless.
Anathama Sit

Well, maybe I can help.
Its seems the OP is a child or teenager?

If so, you should state your age frequently as it will improve the level of help you get.
If one assumes your an adult, they wonder why you are incapable of helping yourself on some of these.

For all your online searches google the title and include the word ‘pdf’.

That works for this book. It may also be helpful to throw the word ‘Catholic’ in the search mix also. That title is probably also some Protestant authors idea of some kind of religious book also.

Additonally there is a wonderful resource known as ‘google books’
so you would google ‘google books’ to get there.

Okay. Thanks.

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