what is the book of Enoch?


I’ve heard some people recently say that there was a book of Enoch that was considered scripture up until the third century. they remind us that Jude quote enoch in the New testament. they also say that the book was thought lost for several senturies until recovered in the dead sea scroles.

has anyone heard this before? now I know that the cannon of scripture is complete and all that, but is this a real book? could it have actually been written by enoch? is there any harassy in this so called book? any info would be appriciated.




thanks. that was very interesting.

what I am curious about is, what is the view of the Church on this? is it okay to read this book. the tone of the Catholic ENcyclopedia seems be possitive. has the church spoken much about this? is it a good or bad thing to read? or is she newtral on the subject? anyone know?


There are actually three books of Enoch. The one most often referenced is the earliest: 1 Enoch. As far as I am aware, only the Ethiopian Orthodox Church have ever included it in a canon, and it is still part of theirs.

It was not lost and then recovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls: it was translated into French in the late C18th and English in the early C19th.

It is well worth reading, especially in reference to Jesus’ use of the term “Son of Man”, which features heavily in that text.


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