What is the canonical basis for disallowing Mass attendence?

A catholic church from a different state has established a mission church in my diocese to offer the traditional Tridentine Mass. The priest at this mission, as best as I can determine, is properly ordained. Not part of Pius X. My diocese says attendance at this Mass does not fulfill Sunday obligation, no explanation given. I would like occasionally to attend this Mass as it is 1/2 mile from my house and the Cathedral which I normally attend, nearly thirty. What is the canonical basis for the diocese forbidding me to attend? Thank you.

It is important to remember that Mass is not a private action. It is the public worship of the Church. We fulfill our Sunday obligation by worshiping with the Church and in the Church, we cannot fulfill it by worshiping with communities with which we are not in communion. Without more information its difficult to comment on the specific reasons why this particular Mass does not fulfill the obligation. It could be that the faith community attached to that parish is outside communion with the Church or it could be that the individual priest, for any number of reasons, does not have faculties from the local Ordinary to licitly say Mass. Either way we should listen to the Bishop in such matters.

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